Does Purchasing the Personal Pitcher and Mp30 bat Make Swing Smarter Sense??

by Jose



Personal Pitcher Pro

Do you think its a good investment to buy a personal pitcher and The Mp30 bat?

Will hitting 500 small wiffle balls off the Personal Pitcher everyday improve my hitting? I plan On buying 100 balls and going 5 rounds on the personal pitcher getting in 500 swings a day

And Does the MP30 BAT REALLY WORK? Just Hitting balls off a tee with this bat will make me a power hitter?

Does it make sense to buy both?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Jose, I'm very familiar with both the MP30 and Personal Pitcher. I think the MP30 does work, since it's a 40 ounce wood bat, you get the benefits of hitting with wood and the heavier weight makes the hips the primary swinger instead of the hands trying to dominate the swing, which is a toxic by-product of these super light aluminum bats by the way.

The MP30 really helps with the Slot part of the swing, which is when the hips start to initiate and the back elbow begins to hug the rib cage letting the upper body rotate more effectively behind the hips torquing.

Hitting balls off a tee or going live with the MP30 will work great. Also, think about filming your swing with a Flip Camera and looking at it through Sports Motion Swing Analysis's a great way to see good/bad changes to your swing.

About the Personal Pitcher Pro,

I used to love this machine because I love to hit wiffle balls and it was fairly cheap, but I found an even better model in The Sandlot Slugger. You pay a little more for the SLS, but you get what you pay for in accuracy, the amount of balls it holds, quality of breaking pitch, each model gets tested before it goes out, etc. The Sandlot Slugger is far superior to the Personal Pitcher, so I'd jump for that instead.

Now, about hitting 500 wiffle balls in a day...I would rather you take 100 quality reps/day, using: the MP30 & SLS hitting tools...and monitoring the swing with a Flip camera and Video Analysis Software, rather than taking 500 mediocre swings.

A quality swing means for the most part perfect, and without deteriorating technique because your muscles are tired. It's always a buildup. Start with 100 quality hacks, then build up to 200...300...400...500...when your body can handle it.

I'd say get both baseball hitting aids, substituting the SLS for the Personal Pitcher of course. I don't have them both in The Starting Lineup for nothing ;)

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