Does Don Mattingly's V-Grip Bat Really Increase Bat Speed by up to 7%?

V-Grip Bats by Don Mattingly (courtesy of

V-Grip Bats by Don Mattingly (courtesy of

V-Grip Bats by Don Mattingly (courtesy of
How the V-Grip Works (courtesy of

Wondering any comments on the V Grip from Don Mattingly's. Any advice on getting my 9 year old swinging correctly?

Swing Smarter Response:

Great find! I've heard of these before, and an interesting spin on adding value to a good old fashion aluminum bat. The Don Mattingly V-Grip bats can cost upwards of $199 plus shipping.

Not to mention "Donny Baseball" was one of my favorite baseball players growing up. He was the perfect Yankee, similar to Jeter today.

What's the BIG Idea?

The V-Grip is meant to improve a young hitter's grip on the bat, pushing the handle into their fingers versus the palm.

They claim even if the hitter holds a Don Mattingly V-Grip bat in the palm, when they swing it, the handle with end up in the fingers.

I agree with their findings of the V-Grip training bat increasing bat speed by 7%. We're so much stronger with the handle in our fingers, however I don't agree with lining up the door knocking knuckles.

Really?? Read on...

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After you've read the above article, you'll come to the conclusion, every hitter's hands are different sizes, so making a guy with tremendous hands, like Albert Pujols, hit with his door knocking knuckles lined up would be a detriment to his success over the years.

The Bottom Line

If we're looking at the Don Mattingly V-Grip training bat as an alternative to swinging a plain ol' aluminum, then yes, by all means make the switch.

The problem is...

The V-Grip will not help poor upper body dominant mechanics. Sure, it may create a little more whip and flexibility in the wrist, but it will do very little when it comes to: arm barring, casting, bat drag, etc.

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