Device to STOP Early Wrist Roll

by Jack

Pro Hammer

Pro Hammer

I thought I recently saw or heard of a device to use in training that either encourages or prevents early wrist roll at the end of the swing. Anyone know where I can get info about it?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Mr. J. I think you might be referring to the ProHammer hitting aid.

This is a great tool giving INSTANT feedback as to whether a young hitter is rolling over. You can also hit live with it in the cage.

Also, rolling over is a dysfunctional movement in the swing resulting from using too much upper body. Some other key training tools to use are the MP30, Drive Developer, and a 5 foot garden utility stick found at Home Depot.

All three of these hitting aids promote the use of the hips and core...or using big muscles to turn small muscles...hips turn the back knee, which turns the back ankle.

I hope this helps!

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