Explosive CORE Workouts Away From Leaving Your Competitors in the Dust

Today starts Phase Three of our 3-Part series on CORE workouts guaranteed to increased bat speed in 30 days. This month is where the wood or aluminum meets the cowhide because we'll be developing explosive fast twitch muscle in the midsection to put an electric charge into the baseball.

Here's what you can expect from the following CORE workouts content:

  • A series of 6 explosive CORE exercises to develop powerful torque in the swing,
  • Weekly progressions, so your results don't stagnate.

The good news is...

All you need is a Stability/Swiss Ball, 4-10lbs medicine ball, and resistance bands.

Please note: you should NOT be in this 3-4 week Power Phase without completing Phases 1 & 2. If you've found this page through a search engine, then please start by reading through Phase 1: CORE endurance training first.

Of the three CORE workouts, this one conditions the midsection to move quickly and efficiently through the hitting zone. You'll see more functionality in the movements as they compare to the baseball swing. Although, there is definitely cause for concern here, you can really hurt yourself if you haven't put your body through the first two phases of training, so do NOT attempt this as your "first go" at Power CORE workouts.

Let's get started...

Phase Three: Power, 3-4 Weeks

  1. Washing Machines (External Obliques),
  2. Reverse Crunch (Lower Abs - add weight),
  3. Speed Resistance Band Choppers (Internal & External Obliques),
  4. Medicine Ball Sit Up Toss (Rectus Abdominals, Hip Flexors),
  5. Swiss/Medicine Ball High Bounce (Total Body), and
  6. Swiss/Medicine Ball Backward Granny Toss (Total Body),

It's very important we have a well balanced program, working the front, side, lower back, and lower front, the preceding plan does just that.

With these CORE workouts, try to work 8-12 repetitions for each exercise, and do them as hard and as fast as you can under complete control.

The routine should be done 3-4 days per week with one day rest between workout days. Do NOT do the workout on back-to-back days because you'll over-train, and over-training can lead to injury and stagnation. And, last but not least, save these CORE workouts for the end of traditional weight training days.

Do NOT over-train your CORE & follow the strict Focuses below...if you put junk training in, then you'll get junk results out.

Your weekly progressions are as follows:

  • Week 1: 2 Sets X 8 Repetitions,
  • Week 2: 2 Sets X 10 Repetitions
  • Week 3: 3 Sets X 10 Repetitions
  • Week 4: 3 Sets X 12 Repetitions

You can also start with 12 reps and go down to 8 by adding resistance or extra weight to the exercises every week. A note on weight or resistance, if you're able to do more repetitions than what's stated in the program, then you're NOT using enough weight or resistance for the particular exercise. You need to upgrade bands or add precious iron.

The CORE Exercises and Their Focuses...

1. Washing Machines: you're twisting the upper body the opposite direction of the lower body. You can even put a squat in there to get a full body workout.

2. Reverse Crunch: lying down supine (on your back) on a bench, head close to the end and hands gripping the edge with the elbows close to the ears. Pull the knees up, feet off the ground, and lower leg parallel to the bench. Keeping your lower back pushed into the bench, simultaneously pull the knees into the chest while picking the hips up off the bench, then come back down. To isolate the lower CORE, never let the knees go south past perpendicular to the hips. If you want to work the hip flexors, then you can go past. Also, add a dumbbell by securing it between your feet for extra resistance.

3. Speed Resistance Band Wood Choppers: we want to grip the handle with the lead hand first, then overlap the back hand. We're pulling the bands down and across getting both the internal and external oblique muscles and adding a little crunch for the rectus abdominals.

4. Medicine Ball Sit Up Toss: have a partner ready with the medicine ball, as you come up from the crunch your partner will throw the ball just over your head, you catch it, crunch down with straight arms, then come up and fire it at your partner's chest (like an overhead soccer throw in).

5. Swiss/Medicine Ball High Bounce: I like doing this with a big bouncy Swiss Ball, but you can also do it with a Med Ball. Take the Swiss Ball with straight arms over your head, bending as far backward as you can, and slam it down to one-hop it to a partner standing about 15-20 yards away.

6. Swiss/Medicine Ball Backward Granny Toss: Take a Swiss/Med Ball with your back facing your partner, with straight arms bring the ball down between the legs and heave it over your head trying to hit your partner without it bouncing about 15-20 yards away. Try to get a 45 degree arc on the ball.

Phase Three CORE workouts are the best for conditioning the muscles to move at a high velocity to maximize a hitter's bat speed. After 3-4 weeks of Power, you can move back to Phase Two: Strength CORE workouts. You don't want to stay in one Phase too long because your body will adapt and the workouts become baseline. Also, remember to upgrade the resistance and/or weight.

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