6 Secret CORE Workout Techniques for Boosting YOUR Bat Speed in 4 Weeks

Today starts Strength Phase Two of our 3-Part series on the CORE workout guaranteed to boost bat speed in 30 days. If you don't experience better posture, stronger swings, and most importantly longer distance on the batted baseball, then we'll let you "pie" us in the face! ;)

Here's what you can expect from this CORE workout article:

  • A series of 6 CORE exercises to build stronger fast twitch muscle fibers,
  • Weekly progressions, so your results don't stagnate.

The good news is...

All you need is a Stability/Swiss Ball and resistance bands, which any Swing Smarter baseball player should have anyway for doing the all-important Jobe shoulder exercises.

Please note: you shouldn't be in this 3-4 week Strength Phase without completing Phase 1. If you've found this page through a search engine, then please start by reading through Phase 1: CORE endurance training first.

Each Phase consists of:

  1. Endurance,
  2. Strength, and
  3. Power.

Note: each Phase of CORE training lasts 3-4 weeks because that's how long it takes the body to adapt, any more time will cause stagnation in training results.

Why can't you skip Phases?

If you jump ahead without your mid-musculature being conditioned correctly, then you risk strains, rips, and tears to the area of the body proved most vital to hitting and bat speed development because later Phase movements require more explosive bio-mechanics.

The following CORE workout builds on the stability we created through Phase One and begins to adapt the midsection to heavier resistance, rotational movements, and CORE balance. As you'll see, there enters more functional hitting type movements that will transition your body into Swing Smarter shape.

While this article is targeted towards hitters and team practices, it can also help Joe Smoe or Sweety Sally too, but definitely check with your Physician before beginning this intensive CORE workout routine.

Let's get started with the CORE workout shall we...?

Phase Two: Strength, 3-4 Weeks

  1. Swiss Ball Roll Out (Overall CORE & Balance),
  2. Swiss Ball Leg Curl (Lower Back, Hamstrings),
  3. Resistance Band Rotation (External Obliques),
  4. Reverse Crunch (Lower CORE, Hip Flexors),
  5. Swiss Ball Crunch (Rectus Abdominals), and
  6. Resistance Band Wood Choppers (Internal & External Obliques, Rectus Abdominals),

It's very important we have a well balanced program, working the front, side, lower back, and lower front, the preceding plan does just that.

With this CORE workout, try to work between 12-15 repetitions for each exercise, or till failure. The routine should be done 3-4 days per week with one day rest between workout days. Do NOT do the workout on back-to-back days because you'll over-train, and over-training can lead to injury and stagnation. And, last but not least, save your CORE workout for the end of traditional weight training workouts.

Another note on weight or resistance, if you're able to do more repetitions than what's stated in the program, then you're NOT using enough weight or resistance for the particular exercise. You need to upgrade bands or add precious iron.

Do NOT over-train your CORE & follow the strict Focuses below...if you put junk in, then you'll get junk results out.

Your weekly progressions are as follows:

  • Week 1: 2 Sets X 12 Repetitions,
  • Week 2: 2 Sets X 15 Repetitions
  • Week 3: 3 Sets X 12 Repetitions
  • Week 4: 3 Sets X 15 Repetitions

CORE Exercises and Their Focuses...

1. Swiss Ball Roll Out: start on your knees with your fists together on the ball closest to you, then roll the ball along your forearms to the elbow, making sure your butt doesn't stay behind hovering over your heels, let your upper body come out over the ball, then push back to the starting position. Do NOT arch the low back and keep the behind down.

2. Swiss Ball Leg Curl: lying supine (on your back), hook your heels over the ball, and push your hips up as high as you can and balance. Hands are out to the side for balance. As you pull the ball in towards your behind, push your hips up higher. You may feel a popping sensation in the hamstrings, which should disappear after a set or so when the hamstrings warm up, as long as it's not shooting pain, then you will be fine.

3. Resistance Band Rotation: we want to grip the handle with the lead hand first, then overlap the back hand. Keep both arms as straight as you can while rotating on the back foot (like squishing the bug during swing rotation).

4. Reverse Crunch: lying down supine (on your back) on a bench, head close to the end and hands gripping the edge with the elbows close to the ears. Pull the knees up, feet off the ground, and lower leg parallel to the bench. Keeping your lower back pushed into the bench, simultaneously pull the knees into the chest while picking the hips up off the bench, then come back down. To isolate the lower CORE, never let the knees go south past perpendicular to the hips. If you want to work the hip flexors, then you can go past.

5. Swiss Ball Crunch: Lying supine on the ball with the ball around the middle of your back, let the head rest on the ball. You want to stick your index fingers in your ears, put the tongue to the roof of the mouth (like you're swallowing a piece of food), and rotate the head around your fingers like on an axle. Then crunch the rest of your body up with your rectus abdominals slowly, then come slowly back down.

6. Resistance Band Wood Choppers: the hand positioning is done the same as number three above except we're pulling the bands down and across getting both the internal and external oblique muscles and adding a little crunch for the rectus abdominals.

The Phase Two CORE workout is the best for building strength in the midsection, balance in more hitter friendly functionality, and you're 2/3 the way to increased bat speed. After 3-4 weeks, you can move on to Phase Three: Power CORE workouts.

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