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it's Joey! And, I'll be responding to your questions.

Here's how this will work...

I really enjoy reading and commenting on your emails and site submissions. That being said...I do have a life and family outside of SwingSmarter.com ;-)

I'll only be responding to emails and site submissions on Mondays every week (on the rare occasion, sooner). It's the best way I can put up great new content, and keep SwingSmarter.com and its affiliates running smoothly.

Thanks for your understanding and patience to this move to more efficiency and effectiveness.

If you have any other pressing concerns, I urge you to do a site search on the topic that challenges you. There are well over 200 articles and reader comments related to some aspect on hitting at SwingSmarter.com, so I'm sure it's covered somewhere on the site.

You can do this by using the search box below the Form...OR, you can use the "Search Site" tab located on the bottom of the navigation bar.

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to our future communications.

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