Cleaning up with the Back Shoulder Row

Adrian Gonzalez Back Shoulder Row Hey can you explain the back shoulder row as referred to in chas' article. Im having trouble when to figure out when this shoulder row starts (before load, after??) Also when your pivoting the barrel downwards to the catcher, is that created by a movement of the arms or hands or does it occur naturally from hip turn?? Thanks

Swing Smarter Response:
Greeting Giants fan! The Back Shoulder Row is such a weird hitting concept to devour, but essential to nail down. It aids in the action/reaction of the hips and shoulders torquing around our spine.

Check out Adrian Gonzalez in the action picture file when you see his back elbow "peek" out in respect to his hip loading inward...?

It's kind of difficult to answer your question over words, so I recorded a quick video in the kitchen of my humble abode...I didn't feel like going outdoor in the wet cold weather here in Central Cali...I know, call me a panzy :P

Please reply down below with any comments...Enjoy!

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