Can You Substitute a Swiss Ball for a Basketball as a Through Tee Drill??

by Ivan

Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball

I’m working with My 7 year old on creating a better follow through and I read your drills for helping that. I didn’t have a soccer ball or basketball so I took a large Swiss exercise ball and let him hit that. It seems to me to be same just a bit heavier, it makes him hit hard and follow through to move it. Also something to do in the basement when it rains...any thoughts?

Swing Smarter Response:
Thanks Ivan for your comment and an awesome idea I never thought of. If we don't have an old soccer ball or preferably a basketball, then a Swiss Ball will do just fine. It may even work out better, you'd have to get a heavy duty one though for more advanced hitters because they aren't built to be heavily abused with a bat ;)

That's why basketballs are so good, they're made to take a beating. But you're on the right track Ivan! Keep up the good work...


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