Can You Get "The Perfect Swing" with Future Pro Baseball?

by Jeff R.
(Frankfort, Ky)

The Perfect Swing by Future Pro (

The Perfect Swing by Future Pro (

I wanted to know if you have seen this dvd and if you think this is the best hitting system to teach young kids. I want the kids to learn the correct way of hitting from the start so they wont have to break bad habits later. I previewed it online and it seems good to me, but I wanted to know your thoughts. Thanks, Jeff

Swing Smarter Response:

Hey Jeff, I finally got around to watching the DVD all the way through, and thought Mike and Matt did a great job putting this together...very professional looking.

It's about $40 with shipping included. I think Mike and Matt provide a good foundation of hitting knowledge breaking conventional dinosaur wisdom with compelling examples of:

  • Why it's okay to dip the back shoulder

  • Why we don't want to squish the bug

  • How the torso should be putting the barrel in the zone and not the arms and hands, and

  • Mechanical drills and barrel manipulations to break most common bad swing habits

In The Perfect Swing DVD Mike and Matt have used cutting edge technology to break the swing down using slow motion analysis software, and movement suits, which are the same suits sport game makers use to construct players in their video games.

Pretty impressive presentation boys!

What I'd like to see different...

One thing with The Perfect Swing DVD by Future Pro I found distressing was how they used an animated "Power Pete" player the whole time to teach the Future Pro philosophy. Constructed from a real player with the movement suit I'm sure, but the computer animated locomotion is unrealistic at times.

Here are a few animated example swing faux paus:

  • Showing the back foot coming up well before impact

  • Front arm barring

  • Power V with the arms extended at impact

I'm in awe of the animation, but would rather see flesh and blood "Perfect Swings."

Chris O'Leary's Rotational 101 DVD was similar, him talking the whole time and attempting to show examples of his philosophy but excusing himself because he couldn't get into the right static positions. Not to mention he probably said "Um" countless times taking away from his presentation big time.

Both DVD's were lacking in producing a "real" Perfect Swing, and yes, Mike and Matt refer to their website for that, but makes me wonder about their own Case Studies.

Also, as some of you know who follow what Chas and I are doing, the information contained in DVD's and books tend to go stale quickly. Our understanding of Science and Biomechanics are changing everyday.

New drill philosophies and hitting aids are being reviewed and tested on a regular basis, some good and others not so good.

Chas and myself want to create a community where we're constantly trying new drills and getting our nails dirty digging in the trenches,.

In other words...

Getting The "Perfect Swing" isn't something we can rest in with a handful of the same drills we've been teaching for over 20 years.

Our teachings have to constantly be time tested, and most importantly contain successful case studies to prove it works in a timely manner.

We're doing this at, think of it as Experiments in achieving the "Perfect Swing."

Thanks again Jeff for the find!

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