Can Using the Aquatic Resistance Trainer Under Water Help Rotation?

by Dale Winger
(Monticello, IN White Co)

Aquatic Resistance Trainer (ART) -

Aquatic Resistance Trainer (ART) -

A hitter can hit a ball on string, or they can hit a ball off a tee into a chain link fence or even better you can spend hours in a batting cage but if you're going through the proper motion just to say you did "IT" then my suggestion is that you pack up your stuff and go home...

I have heard coaches say a good hitter must get in at least 200 hits everyday to be good.

There is nothing wrong with that statement provided all those 200 are The Perfect Swings.

Now lets talk about what they call a Perfect Swing. As a Certified Massage Therapist &
Cert Personal Trainer--I totally believe that I have located the environment to not only build upper strength but MOST of protect the human body. The environment I'm talking about is WATER. Yes, standing in the Pool and using my Aquatic Resistance Trainer is the best starting point to develop the strength for that Perfect Swing.

The Perfect Swing---takes ever part of your body to Drive Yours Hand through the ball.

I have an endorser of my Trainer, an expert in swing training --- I couldn't have stated it better than what he said about my Aquatic Resistance Trainer....He stated, ART targets the hip angle leading the shoulder angle in the swing---increasing torque---increasing range of motion in the middle of the spine area ---and its strength the midsection "Core" to really crush the ball. Thanks to Joey Myers of Smart

The KEY to this swing pattern Joey states its all been done in a slow motion action in that perfect world of "Water" whether hot or cold. Not to mention, the combination of Water and positive swing pattern can be achieved for a hitter who hits either right or left hand because ART floats so each swing the hitter lets go and changes their grip and develop that powerful drive the other way. Keep in mind, while your In the pool, water will not let you work to harm your just can't happen, its like working out in your mother's arm.

It all boils down to how bad you WANT it...Finding a pool is just an excuse because if the hitter wants it BAD enough a pool is found.. Don't tell, Gregg Jefferies that finding a pool was a problem...this X MLB player who played in the majors for 14 years worked out in pool 3 days a week swinging a bat... Gregg is endorsing The Aquatic Resistance Trainer because it swings like cutting hot butter with a knife...Its So Smooth, it has the ability to change resistance and still gives him that Perfect Swing to build his upper body, lower body and most of all strengthen his "Core" He is passing on his training routine to his son, who heading to a West Coast College on a FULL Ride.

Swing Smarter Response

Hey Dale, thank you for sharing your ART swing trainer. I know during the warmer months players of all ages will get a kick out of training with this.

I do think this is an outstanding tool to engage and fire off the core muscles in the swing, and get away from swinging with the arms and hands.

Also, training in water is a fantastic mode to train in especially if the player is injured and can't put a lot of force on a certain part of the body.

I've told you this before, my honest opinion about the Aquatic Resistance Trainer bat is like all hitting aids, it does have its limitations.

You said if a hitter wants it bad enough, they'll find a pool to use the bat, which I agree with. However, its heavy dependency on water is a major hurdle for some on a year round basis...not everyone is as passionate about training with this bat like you are, or even as driven as someone like myself when I played.

My parents had a pool growing up and I would've most definitely used it during the summer months, but NOT during the 8 other months of the year. In the colder months, the temperature of the pool outweighed my drive to hit (in the water at least). I didn't have access to an indoor facility, and I wasn't about to pay for one just to use a special bat.

It's easier to grab my trusty wood bat, tee, and bucket of baseballs to a local park. Dale, don't get me wrong, I love the concept, but I'm sure the challenges you're facing with selling it is due to it's limited use in water.

Keep fighting the good fight Dale! I love your enthusiasm.

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