"My eight year old son can set it [Bownet] up and break it down." - Louie G, an Amazon user

Bownet Hitting Net

SEVEN Reasons the Bownet Big Mouth Hitting Net is COMPLETELY PORTABLE:

  1. So easy, an 8-year-old can put it up...and take it down.  Eliminates pre-game distractions, like other competitor nets tend to do...they're like wrestling an alligator!
  2. Lightweight to carry, less than 15lbs.  
  3. Comes with a padded carrying bag.  About the size of a folding chair taken to football tailgates.
  4. Takes less than one-person to set up and take down.  
  5. Setup time: 180 seconds or less.
  6. Easily put it in the trunk of a car, take it out, and set it up or take it down -quickly - with ease. 
  7. Whether using it at an out-of-town tourney, in a one or two-car garage, or basement, it will get the job done.

In this Video, See Why You HAVE to Get The Swiss Army Knife Of Hitting Nets...

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Learn Why the Bownet Big Mouth Hitting Net is Rated Tops on Amazon by Consumers...

As of September 2013, and out of 172 total reviews, there are 142 five-starred ratings, and an average of 4.7 out of 5 stars based on Amazon's consumer feedback rating.

You WILL NOT find another close competitor...by far.  I checked.  I read every piece of feedback given.  Yes, I have no life ;-)  Here are the advantages I found in my research:

7X7 Hitting Area: More Compact than a Jugs Pop-out Net

The BowNet BIG MOUTH fits in a seven-by-seven compact hitting area.  This makes it very space efficient.  Builds into an instant hitting station for a 1-2 car garage or basement.  The best part is, the BowNet actually stores into a smaller space than the round Jugs net...and is easier to put up and take down.  

The award-winning "Square-plus" Bow design gives a great focused target to hit into for the young and seasoned hitter alike.  Never worry about having enough room to hit when on the road.

The "Sock-net" Feature Cuts Cleanup Time in Half

Of all other nets, the "Sock-net" is the best at catching and 'herding' baseballs or softballs into one spot.  Instead of having a ridiculous Easter egg hunt 'scatter' after every hitting session.  This means more efficient cleanup because the balls get funneled into one spot.  This saves pickup time digging around between hitting sessions.  

Also, this Swiss Army Knife of hitting nets accels in its strength and stay-upright-capability.  The hitting net stays up and doesn't sag over time like other popular nets.

Bownet Big Mouth Hitting Net

Unique & Award Winning "Square-Plus" Design Catches & Protects MORE Than Any Popular Net 

The unique “bow,” in BowNet, describes how the side poles are allowed to flex - or push out.  This puts less stress on the netting, making it last longer, and resists the "slingshot" effect.  You know...?  Where the ball comes back at you faster than when it left the barrel?

The large "BIG MOUTH" hitting area leaves LESS chance of hitting a ball over the net.  You know the feeling...when your stomach drops like on a roller coaster...seeing an errant cowhide missile projectile missing the net altogether, sailing into no-man's-land - and nesting itself in a nice undisturbed picture window.  

And to answer the question you may be thinking...

The "square-plus" Bow shape, casts a wider net, harder for a mis-hit ball to sail over the net, versus its major competitor the round Juggs net.  

These popular - but ineffective - circular nets can dramatically cut down on the net's "catching" and protective ability.  Not to mention its versatility.

7 Highly Versatile Reasons Why this is the Swiss Army Knife of the Hitting Net World...

This versatile hitting net is great for:

  1. Soft Toss, 
  2. Tee work, 
  3. Short front toss protection
  4. Working as a back stop when throwing to batters, 
  5. Acting as a "catcher" for pitchers, 
  6. fielding "catch" target (think setting the net up at second base, and allowing a fielder to practice double plays), and  
  7. Acting as a mini-driving range for avid golfers who want to let off a little steam.

"My Eight Year Old Son Can Set it up and Break it Down" - Louie G, an Amazon user

As I mentioned earlier, its portable - and sets up quickly.  Uses no screws.  No snaps.  No snags.  No tools required whatsoever.  It sets up in 90-180 seconds.  The best part is, as Louis G - the Amazon user - stated above, even an 8-year-old can set it up and take it down.

The packaging includes:

  • Net, 
  • Ground frame, 
  • 2 stakes, and 
  • Fiberglass Bow poles.

Even Great in High Wind Areas of the Country

A Secret Tip for those living in areas with hard packed soil and high wind areas, like Texas...

Buy a cheap rubber mallet or hammer, and a little better ground stakes.  Keep them in the bag with the net; because it's difficult to drive the 2 included stakes into hard pan soil...the included stakes bend all sorts of ways but straight.  

However - just remember - it's not necessary to have grass or dirt for kids and young adults to hit into this net.  

The only reason to need the stakes would be for extremely high winds.  If you find yourself in a windy part of the country, then you can do like other users, and not have a problem...turn the net perpindicular to the wind!  

This is truly the Swiss Army Knife of hitting nets.  It's a great tool for batting practice at home and easy enough to take on the road for travel tournaments

Comes with an Easy-to-Carry Padded Carrying Bag with Convenient Shoulder Straps

Your BowNet Big Mouth comes in a durable padded bag with shoulder straps making it really easy to carry along.  It's lightweight, tipping the scales less than 15lbs.  

The carrying bag is only about 3 1/2 feet long and 6-8 inches thick.  And with everything packed in, it's the size of one of those portable folding tailgating chair bags.  

The BowNet Big Mouth parts are much easier to fit in the bag and carry along rather than the twisting, turning, and figure-eight'ing needed for the Jugs Pop-Out Net.  

Users on Amazon have said how durable the carrying bag is.  It has withstood the abuse of being dragged on dirt, grass, cement, thrown in the truck, etc.  

PLEASE NOTE: not every bag will react the same way to this kind of abuse, so these results aren't typical.

Bonus feature: the carrying case has a clear envelope on the side of the bag...turn the label inside around and put your name, phone number, email on the back, in case it ever gets left behind at the park!  

Extreme Ease of Use = MORE Frequent Practice

I mentioned already how an 8 year old could set up the net and take it down.  You'll be ready to assemble your Swiss Army hitting net in 180 seconds or less.

Although, some people have doubts...

Can they assemble and leave their net up in the backyard without it blowing away or getting stolen?  They reason...this would cut down on having to put it up or take it down all the time - which could lead to more frequent use.  The human mind is funny, too many how-to steps and we lose interest.  Too difficult to figure out and we abandon ship.  

But, I think you'll agree, if an 8 year old can setup and take down your Swiss Army hitting net...in addition to being ready to hit in less than 180 seconds...then frequency of use shouldn't be a problem.

Stable as a Tank & Dependable as a Wound-Clock

The BowNet frame is made with a stable steel base and durable fiberglass tent poles.  This Swiss Army Knife of hitting nets is very stable - even without the anchor pegs in low to moderate winds.  At best, the net may jump up an inch on a really hard hit ball into the side.

Remember the tip I mentioned earlier...if windy, turn the net perpendicular to where the wind is blowing, and you'll be fine (without using the stakes, by the way).  

Rest assured, users overwhelmingly say this net never lets a ball through and has never fallen down on them.

Get Peace of Mind Customer Service 

As you know, exceptional customer service is very rare these days.  And the Team at Bow Net has made it a part of their total purchase package.  

Their surprisingly attentive customer service makes for loyal followers.  They don't include instructions with the box, because of their "go-green" campaign.  But they have plenty of online setup/take down video demos (shown above & below), and easy readable instructions in the form of a PDF (CLICK HERE to see the instructions now).  

Online purchasers rave...if - by chance - you receive defective equipment, then they're super quick to make it right.  

There is Life After Death

If - after the 1-year Warranty period - the net wears out, you can buy a replacement net for $70.  This saves you from having to buy the whole kit-and-kaboodle again, like the Jugs Pop-Out Net.  Also, as an added BONUS...did I say this net was versatile?  You can buy different nets and use the same frame!

The moral of the story is...if you take care in setting your net up...taking it down...and using it...it will last.

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ADEX Design Award

Award-Winning Design, Leader in Hitting Net Sales, & Popular on Amazon.com

My journey to find the Swiss Army Knife of hitting nets all started with Amazon.com.  I read through all - at the time - 84 customer reviews. I was happy to see 74 of them were FIVE stars!

In reading through all these customer reviews - there was one thing that stood out...this hitting net is the most highly recommended, sought after, and envied net among parents and coaches.  

People who purchased this net in baseball and softball discussion boards and forums revealed how they were pushing these nets to friends, family, and other coaches.  

The other thing people kept raving about was the net's award-winning design...this net has won the prestigious Platinum ADEX Award in the Product Design category for the complete line of Bow Net Portable Sports Net.  ADEX stands for Awards for Design Excellence and is the largest and most prestigious awards program in the A&D industry. 

Bownet's 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty & 6-Month Warranty on Carrying Bags

"1 year Limited Manufactures Warranty on Manufacturing Defects Only. Not normal wear and tear or abuse or damage due to an accident. Bownet Bags - Roller and Carry Bags have a six month warranty. Bow Net engineers will determine the type of damage after the required information is submitted. We made the Warranty Process simple and easy for you to submit the information we require:Name, Address, Phone, Invoice Number & Store you purchase it fromPurchase DateNeed Pictures of the problem - send as JPG FILES ONLY - NO PDF'sNet Style or Size and Product Type - ie 7X7 Big Mouth. Brief Description of the problem

If the Warranty Form is not working for you please send ALL of the information requested to warranty@bownet.net."

Does the Bownet Big Mouth Hitting Net have a Weakness?

One glaring black eye I read in the Amazon.com Customer Reviews was the quality of the netting and seams.  This was mentioned in less than 20% of reviews.  However, in talking to Jack, the owner, he said the quality challenge was taken care of.  Other than that, most people who get a Big Mouth hitting net absolutely love it, and say it's - hands down - the best hitting net on the market because of its...

Ease of Use (an 8yo can set it up and take it down...sets up quickly, no screws, no snaps, no snags, no tools required), Ingenius Design (Bow in the net allows the poles to flex, big hitting surface), Portable (less than 180 seconds hitting station), Versatility (tee, soft & front toss, fielding buddy, pitcher's catcher, backstop, drive golf balls into, can use different nets over the same frame).

INVEST Today in your Swiss Army Knife of hitting nets, and you'll enjoy all the benefits listed so far. Just CLICK the "CLICK HERE TO ORDER NOW" button below.

It's that easy.

What do You Get for Investing in a BowNet BIG MOUTH? 

Portable BowNet 7X7 Big Mouth ($174.99 shipped):

  • Weight - less than 15lbs., 
  • Padded Carrying Bag Size - 48" x 12", 
  • Box Weight - 18lbs., 
  • Shipping Box Size - 45" x 8" x 6", 
  • Set Up Time:  90-180 Sec. 
  • 1-Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • 6-Month Manufacturer's Limited Warranty on Padded Carrying Bag

Problems with the Jugs Pop-Out Net

How does the Bow Net stack up against the Jugs Instant Pop-Out Net?  You be the judge...keeping it brief - here are a few of the Jugs weaknesses relayed from people who've purchased it:

  • Steep learning curve to fold up and fit into carrying bag (You'll need to be a rocket scientist to fold it),
  • Juggs net wasn't good when it was windy, 
  • If you dont secure the back, the balls fly out when you hit into it,  
  • Oh....and stand back when you open that sucker, 
  • Pop-up nets tend to fall over, 
  • Frames bend and are just a pain.

How Does the Hurricane Net Made my Athlonic Stack-up?  

I switched over from this net to the Bownet and here's why...they have a great quality product, but the ease of use isn't very good at least according to users.  Here's what Don McKay said from the website BellaOnline.com (http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art46387.asp):

"Putting up the Hurricane Net was a pain. Each pole is held in place by two tension straps connected to stakes in the ground. Once both poles are set, the four tension straps should be adjusted one last time. Though one person with a lot of patience could set up the net by themselves in about ten minutes, in practice two people were required and setup still took over five minutes. Worse, when hitting softballs into the net, the stakes often worked loose from the multiple impacts into the net. As a result, either the poles became wobbly and the tension straps would have to be adjusted, or the entire assembly would collapse as the stakes popped out of the ground or the straps slipped loose. Either way, stopping to adjust or reset the net was a major pre-game distraction that I loathed."

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