Better Use for Indoors: Soft Toss Machine v. Whiffle Ball Pitching Machine

by Nicholas
(Eastern MA)

Looking for an indoor hitting aid (soft toss machine-like) for 14 yr old to use in basement together with hitting tee drills. Trying to gauge/compare the pros/cons of Wheeler Dealer vs. Personal Pitching Pro.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Swing Smarter Response:
Great question Nicholas, and as you might know, I'm pretty partial to both the Wheeler Dealer and Personal Pitcher Pro as they both made roster, so the question is, which one is best for indoor use?

All would depend on how much room you have...if you're talking about enough space to fill a single stall in your garage, then both should work (although, may still be a little stifling for the PPP). If you're working in smaller spaces, then probably the Wheeler Dealer is your best bet.

Both have different functions: the Personal Pitcher Pro is more of a LIVE off-speed & breaking ball device (spits out 55mph FB's as well), while the Wheeler Dealer Spitter is pretty much only an automated soft toss machine. So, it depends on what you want to get out of the baseball hitting gadget.

Also, if you're on a budget, then we have to look at The Starting Lineup Store, the Wheeler Dealer is $379 shipped, and the Sandlot Slugger (SLS) is $219 shipped.

If price isn't a big deal, then

One thing to be aware of, you'll have to get a catch-all net for the Wheeler Dealer because I don't know how the wifey will feel about your son smacking baseballs off the garage door wall! Although, to the supportive baseball Mom, it will sound like music to her ears.

Hitting whiffle balls with the SLS is pretty much harmless, so no worry there.

If any other Swing Smarter-ians have dealt with this issue, then please sound off. Hope this helps Nicholas :)

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Mar 07, 2011
There's NO AC model for Wheeler Dealer anymore
by: Joey from

Hey Robert, John from Athlonic Sports just got back to me about your question...he said they don't offer an AC (or plug into an outlet) model of the Wheeler Dealer anymore. Most of the interest was in the battery version. Another great question amigo :)

Mar 04, 2011
Which is what?
by: Robert Canary

looking over the Wheeler Dealer I noticed there are two different models. It looks as though there is a battery model and an AC model. Can you give me some insight as to the specs on these two machines?

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