BB Core or Baum Bats? Wood or non-wood?

by Robert
(Hartford, KY)

With latest fiasco on what are legal, we have been left with a serious dilemma. It seems all the good bats have been banned. So I'm seriously thinking about going with straight wood for all my bats, and avoid this craziness in the future. I have seen no info anywhere giving pros and cons between the two types.

You got any input on this Joey?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey Robert, I know, BIG fiasco indeed. The new BB Core bats have taken a ton of "pop" out of our beloved hyper-light aluminums. We have a guy at Fresno State, named Jordan Ribera, who led the Division One baseball nation last year with 27 home-runs, and you know how many he hit in fall ball with the new BB Core? 2. You know how many he has this year so far in 103 At-Bats (as of April 14, 2011)? 2.

A real sobering reality, ya think?!

Uh, yeah, these BB Core's are definitely putting a damper on the long ball. There's a silver lining though. All these years we've all got away with poor swing mechanics, since the aluminums were so light, we could almost swing them with a dominant upper body, which is very bad if we want to be both more consistent and powerful at the plate.

Now, at least for the younger players using the heavier BB Core's, we have to swing them with the big muscles in the legs, hips, and core instead. We HAVE to.

What's more...

I also hear the sweet spots on the new BB Core bat are similar to a wood bat, as a matter of fact, I've also heard kids prefer swinging with wood over the BB Core's because the wood seems to perform better!

To answer your question Robert,

I don't think you can go wrong with either the BB Core or the wood, although I'm partial to wood. A SUPER wood trainer I'd use, especially if I was inexperienced with it, are the hard resin Baum Bats. Each bat will run about $140 plus shipping and a $5 surcharge...and I think you may have to buy at least 6. Check out for more information.

I used this bat one summer in a summer college semi-pro league and they perform, feel, and sound just like real wood. The best part is they last FOREVER.

I know it's frustrating right now for players and coaches alike, but don't worry Robert, the good hitters will flesh out. It just means we have to work harder on technique, which is the way it should be anyway, know what I mean?! ;)

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Sep 14, 2011
by: Ricky Rothnymous

I have 2 boys. Last wekend we played a tournament and one boy used wood while the other bbcor. Both did well. I think in the end we will all like the rule change as all will adjust. My boys already have. You hit the ball right it will go. Maybe not as far but it will go.

Apr 25, 2011
What about our Youth
by: Robert Canary

Grest feedback Joey. However, the Baum bats aren't for the 12 and under. We need to stay under 30" and around 19-21 oz.

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