Batting Tee Review - Muhl Tech Advanced Tee

by Phil

Muhl Tech Advanced Skills Tee

Muhl Tech Advanced Skills Tee

Hello...What is your opinion of the Muhl Tech tee? I coach varsity players and we currently work with standard tees. I was told to check out the Muhl Tech Advanced Skills tee by others and I did. It makes sense to me too that this tee would force/train hitters to have a short, compact swing.


Swing Smarter Response:

Hi Phil, very good question, and when I was doing research on hitting aids a few months ago, this tee, and others like it, did come to my attention.

I see what it's suppose to do, shorten the swing, however, swinging down on the baseball is only half the process because you have to also be long through it, and this tee will make it difficult; let me tell you why...

The forward arm. It can be intimidating to a hitter having that steel arm there. Yes, the Muhl Tech tee sales literature says, contact is actually made in front of the plate, contrary to the way conventional tees typically set up with the ball over the middle of the plate.

The beauty of old school baseball hitting tee design is you can do a lot to simulate inside, outside, and down the middle pitches just by moving closer, farther away, back towards the catcher, or closer to the pitcher. When working up the middle I have my hitters line their stride foot up with the ball.

The forward arm will make it difficult to swing through the three baseballs I talk about quite often on the Swing Smarter site because the barrel of the bat actually drops below the hands in the contact zone.

So, I probably wouldn't recommend this tee, that being said, I haven't used it yet, so here's where I ask you: has this hitting aid shown any backspin line drive results with your team, besides more ground balls I'd assume? The Swing Smarter main goal is putting backspin on the baseball, make the ball work for the hitter...from what you've seen, does this device help to do that?

The Muhl Tech Tee and the hitting Skills Mat combo goes for $124.95 plus shipping on the manufacturer's website, which could easily be a $150 total cost.

Thanks Phil for your question, and your feedback on the tee's use is highly sought after. I also think you can't go wrong with the plain ol' baseball hitting tee...if you want better durability and a tee that teaches hitters to hit the bottom half of the ball, then you may want to look into the target='_blank'>Backspin Batting Tee, they're $234-380 shipped at The Starting Lineup store, and are definitely worth the investment.

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Jun 05, 2011
the best
by: Glenn Gilbert, SC

If you cant teach swinging down and through the ball using the Muhl Tech Tee, you need to stop teaching hitting. It is the greatest tee on the market today. Stop talking level swing because if your player is swinging the bat correctly, he/she will never swing level.

Aug 20, 2010
Great product feedback Mike!
by: Joey from

I like your line of thinking and another fellow Down & Through hitting coach...I like your style ;) If this helped your daughter's uppercut, then it sounds like it can help other young hitters with the same swing issue.

Now, to help keep her hands inside the ball...I think keeping her short to the ball is the best way to do that. Keeping the knob down to the incoming baseball and making the top hand work to keep the barrel up until 1-3 inches before contact, which should be out in front of the stride foot, will keep her nice and compact like a Chase Utley.

Hope this helps AND many thanks for the review of THE Review :P

Aug 19, 2010
Muhl Tee review
by: Mike hebert

I would like to comment on the Muhl Tee. I think it is a very useful tool in teaching hitting, along with many other drills and tools. As a teacher of hitting I found that the number one way to cure an upper cut in a young hitter is to force them to hit off the Muhl Tee.

I do not use the arm/antenae that sticks up from the tee. It comes right off. I use the elbow shape of the tee to show kids who are not level that they are upper cutting.

When giving hitting lessons and you see an uppercut, sometimes it is not enough to explain that the youth has an uppercut but to show him/her.

Case in point.. My daughter played in a World Cup and the Japanese figured her out quick. Their catcher did not even get down. Stood up behind the plate (old school) and they finished her off right quick.

I then forced her to hit off the Muhl Tee. She hated it. Then a wonderful thing happened. She adapted her swing to a down thru the ball and then finish high. (Or on the high strike to be level and drive the ball. Thus being long thru the strike zone and level at contact.

We continuously preach hitting the ball with backspin. It is easy to hit the ball with backspin off the Muhl Tee, if your swing is right. I use other methods to keep inside the ball, but maybe in the future I will use this tee to work on staying inside the ball.

If you have a traditional tee, a Muhl Tee and a low tee - then utilize soft toss to teach/probe for flaws in the swing, you will be all set.

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