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While some of you have been following Swing Smarter's batting instruction and advice on hitting mechanics, drills, & aids since its early days (middle of 2008), many of you are fairly new readers. To help you through the fairly overwhelming archives, I’ve compiled a beginner's Quick Start Guide.

First, a note: Please don’t try to go through this all at once. There are days and days worth of reading here. I’ve just organized the content, so you can go to the stuff you want to learn about first. Take it in small chunks. :)

Where do you start when you have a fair amount of batting instruction and advice on hitting mechanics, drills, & aid topics to read through? You start with the best, or at least the most popular. So here they are:

The All-Time Most Popular Posts on Swing Smarter in the past Year

  1. The Top 4 Hitting Aids on the Baseball Planet
  2. The TOP 5 Hitting Drills Every Serious Ballplayer Needs
  3. 4 Hitting Tips Guaranteed to Cure the Common Baseball Swing Cold
  4. Power Hitting Secrets from the Late Baseball Oracle
  5. Physics Of Hitting A Baseball Revealed
  6. Baseball Swing Secrets to Learning the Right Mechanics Quickly!
  7. Discover Youth Baseball Hitting Drills Real World Applications
  8. Explosive Baseball Hitting Mechanics Secret Discovered
  9. FREE Science Of Hitting Kernels Of Knowledge From Ted Williams
  10. A Stubborn Baseball Hitting Mechanic Flaw Getting You Down?

But those are just the batting instruction stars of the All-Star team. Next you’ll want to slide into some of your favorite topics. You can go through the main categories (from the nav bar buttons, or old ones):

1. Interactive Online Hitting Trainer

2. Swing Smarter Tips - Topics include:

  • 8 solid hitting stance principals to live and breath by
  • How to Hit a Baseball with the Grip of a Gorilla
  • 2 Peace of Mind Baseball Batting Instruction Tips to Improve Patience
  • A Must Have "Less Is More" Hitting Baseball Tips Approach
  • Discover Hitting Fundamentals To Develop A Power Base
  • Incomparable Baseball Hitting Mechanics Guaranteed to Deliver
  • High Quality Baseball Hitting 411 to Fix a Broken Bottom Half
  • The Down & Through Baseball Hitting Mechanics Method
  • Batting Mechanics Going Against ALL Conventional Hitting Wisdom
  • Hitting Down on the Ball AND the Secret to YOUR Success
  • Part 2: Sure Fire Hitting Instruction Strategy to Troubleshoot Any Result!
  • Powerful Baseball Drill & Jack Clark's Gold Nugget
  • Mistaken Hitting Secrets Revealed About Barry Bonds From Tony Gwynn
  • Curveball 101: How To Hit It & The Swashbuckler Effect

3. Top 5 Drills - Topics include:

  • Elegant Baseball Hitting Mechanic Flaw Remedies that Work!
  • Part 2: Baseball Hitting Instructions Working Wonders for Troubled Swings
  • Potent Batting Drills to Keeping the Front Shoulder In & Hitting on Your Head
  • Discover Baseball Hitting Techniques: 3 Simple Steps to Increasing Opposite Field Strength

4. Power Hitting - Topics include:

  • Are You A Part of the Rotational Hitting Have's OR Linear Have Not's?
  • Incredible Science Of Hitting Wisdom From A Great Man
  • Discover Ted Williams & His Everlasting Legacy of Hitting Knowledge
  • 80/20 Hitting Philosophy & Chasing the Rotational & Linear Rainbows

5. Alex Rodriguez? Steroids?

6. Top Hitting Aids - Topics include:

  • Baseball Hitting Aids Golden Key to Swing Efficiency
  • 3 Baseball Hitting Training Aids to Think Twice About
  • 2 Unbeatable Baseball Hitting Device Gold Nuggets
  • Masterful Hitting Tees, Elusive As A Unicorn?
  • Tired of Baseball Training Aids Wasting YOUR Time & Money?
  • Common Baseball Hitting Tools NOT Making The Bat Speed Cut
  • Wheel Pitching Machines Are Particularly NASTY For Your Swing's Health
  • Baseball Camps are a "Who's Who" Business: Calling all "Suckers," Pipe Dreamers, and Elite Players Promoting Sub-par Results

7. Hitting Videos

8. Physics of Hitting

9. Youth Hitting - Topics include:

  • Youth Baseball Drills: The Definitive Guide to Throwing Precision
  • Eliminate FEAR in Hitting a Baseball with Youth Players & Chuck Norris
  • The 3 Youth Baseball Hitting Keys to Boost Team Morale
  • Teaching Hitting to Youth in 9 Powerful Steps

10. Hitting Mind Control - Topics include:

  • Part 2: Learn Hitting Instructions with a Smarter Approach
  • Baseball Swing Secrets to Learning the Right Mechanics Quickly!
  • 7 Key Baseball Hitting Lessons for Hacking Slumps
  • How Hitting Coaches Can Bring Their A+ Game...Be Like Yoda!
  • Best Baseball Instruction in 5 Simple Words
  • How to Increase Mental Toughness While Keeping YOUR Sanity at the Plate
  • Hitting Behind the Ball & YOUR Zen Hitting Garden
  • Mental Side of Hitting & Uber Keys to Consistency
  • Elite Baseball Training: How To Re-Align The Gene Lottery To Succeed

11. Being Gear-Wise - Topics include:

  • Aluminum Baseball Bats Shady Online Expertise Getting YOU Down?
  • Revealing: Wood Baseball Bat Clouded Misinformation

12. Announcing the Albert Pujols Inspired Increase Your Bat Speed in 30 Days Challenge brought to you by Swing Smarter

13. The Starting Lineup: where you can find "The Best 9 Baseball Hitting Aids on the Planet"

Here are some other interesting Miscellaneous batting instruction topics covered by Swing Smarter:

Tired of Coaching Baseball and Just Winging It? Make a Change Today! - Topics include:

  • Oakland A's: Modern Day David & Goliath & What This Means to YOU
  • Creating a Baseball Hitting Practice that Doesn't Suck!

Unbeatable Baseball Hitting Training Developed by Ball Players

  • Hitting the Baseball & What Good Nutrition Means to Bat Speed
  • Explore Batting Instruction to Hydration, Supplementation, & Max Bat Speed
  • Forearm Training For Hitters: Building Powerful Grip Strength in 4 Weeks! Part 1
  • Explosive Forearm Exercises For Hitters: Part 2
  • Exclusive Forearm Training Interview With Grip Specialist Jedd Johnson
  • 5 Reasons Interval Training Can Boost a HIIT-er's Swing Speed
  • The Squat Exercise Recipe to Gaining 30lbs of Muscle in 6 Weeks!
  • Explosive Baseball Strength Training For Hitters: Part 1
  • Powerful Baseball Weight Training For Hitters: Part 2
  • Discover The CORE Exercise Program To Baseball Swing Balance and Stabilization
  • CORE Exercises Guaranteed to Boost Bat Speed in 1 Month: Phase One!
  • CORE Workout Guaranteed to Increase Bat Speed in 30 Days: Phase Two!
  • CORE Workouts Guaranteed to Boost Bat Speed in 4 Weeks: Phase Three!

Presenting Swing Smarter's The Starting Lineup: 9 of the BEST Baseball Hitting Aids on the Planet storefront

Evan Longoria v. Ryan Braun: A Fight to the Death!

How the World Baseball Classic Will Save the Planet from Slop

How I developed Swing Smarter dot com and work from home

Chatter's Box: Visitors' Baseball Batting Tips & Stories (say that 5 times fast!!)

By now, you might want to learn less about batting instruction and more about Joey, the guy who writes this website/blog, well, here are a few sources:

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