The "Weird Illusion" That's Killing Your Baseball Swing

Baseball Swing: Chris Davis

What if I were to tell you that the biggest baseball swing secret to hitting for more consistent power didn't involve much muscle...

And what if I were to also tell you that consistent power doesn't come from the legs or arms...

The "weird illusion" being taught is that the body can produce explosive rotational power by moving in pieces:

  • "Fire the back hip"
  • "Throw the hands"
  • "X Degree of shoulder/hip separation"
  • "Squish the bug"
  • "Pull with the front arm"

This "weird illusion" is just that, an illusion. According to modern Science, these people spend too much time focusing on the wrong movement approach, and as a result, young hitters never achieve an explosive baseball swing.

Here's what Dr. Erik Dalton says about this idea in the book Dynamic Body,

"Modern Science reveals the brain does not recognize individual muscle activities due to lack of practical purpose."

In this article, I'm going to reveal:

  • This Secret Weapon is the "Hit" of MLB Power Hitters (and it's found in kangaroos!!),
  • Why 'Grip It And Rip It' is Dead Wrong,
  • How to Drive the Ball Farther Now! (even correct arm-barring!)

Let's dig in...

This Secret Weapon is the "Hit" of MLB Power Hitters (and it's found in kangaroos!!)

Specifically, "smaller" power hitters. Yes, small players can hit like big ones, and let me tell you all starts with the Red Kangaroo...

According to a Review titled Energetics and bio-mechanics of locomotion by red kangaroos, by Rodger Kram and Terence J. Dawson from Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology:

"As red kangaroos hop faster over ground level, their rate of oxygen consumption (indicating metabolic energy consumption) remains nearly the same. This phenomenon has been attributed to exceptional elastic energy storage and recovery via long compliant tendons in the legs."

In other words, even though the kangaroo hops faster on level ground, their heart rate stays the same (they don't get out of breath like we do going from a walk to a jog). How's this?

Connective tissue. More on this, and how it relates to a consistently powerful baseball swing a bit later.

Consider a human example...

Dean Karnazes...the fifty marathons in fifty days 'guy'.

Check out this video clip of Dean on the History Channel show "Superhuman" (I advise watching the whole clip, but if you want just the lab results, then skip to minute 9:58):

The answer to Dean's freakish ability to run long distances like Forest Gump, is because of his brilliant use of earth driven locomotion (i.e. gravity, gravitational reaction forces, and yes, connective the red kangaroo).

Don't worry, we'll connect the hitting dots on this shortly.

But, first...

I want to plant the seed of this 'Secret Weapon', by having you watch ESPN's SportScience video on Major League Lacrosse player Paul Rabil's explosive rotational power mechanics (if you're in a rush, check out the slow motion analysis mark at 1:20):

Are you getting the idea of what the 'Secret Weapon' is? Paul Rabil is using the same 'springy' connective tissue system as the red kangaroo and Ultra Marathon Man Dean Karnazes.

What's more...

Why 'Grip It And Rip It' is Dead Wrong

The reason is this...

A young hitter hearing this cue thinks 'muscle driven' and ends up actually swinging slower because the brain delegates muscle to tense up for an out-of-control baseball swing in order to protect over-stressed joints (i.e. ankles, knees, spine, and shoulders).

For example,

When kids over-swing, one of the things they do is pull their head. The brain is turning on - and locking down - the neck and shoulder muscles to protect the vertebrates in the cervical spine (aka the neck).

A consistently powerful baseball swing starts and ends with connective tissue. Tendons, ligaments, and myofascia. Well known examples of these:

  • Achilles Tendon (location: 'heel cord' attaches to the calf muscle)
  • Anterior/Medial Collateral Ligament (ACL/MCL) (location: front or inside the knee)
  • Myofascial 'cotton candy' Tissue (location: 'springy' material bones and muscles float in)

According to Thomas Myers in his book Anatomy Trains, the bones, muscles, and myofascia create opposing compression and tension forces within the body. Where myofascia is primarily made up of collagen. This springy-stuff, we all know, can be artificially injected into stiff-looking faces like Joan Rivers.

Collagen is to the human body as steel is to the building industry. It's very tensile and resists change in shape very well.

Catapult Loading System: Springy Rotary Stability 'X' Pattern

In a moment, we're going to analyze how this 'springy' material in the body forms a Rotary Stability 'X' Pattern. This 'springy' pattern forms what I like to call the Catapult Loading System and is the 'secret weapon' of elite power hitters.

"Grip It And Rip It" uses slow moving muscle, whereas the Catapult Loading System uses powerful 'springy' effortless connective tissue...the most efficient material the body has for a friction-free baseball swing.

How to Drive the Ball Farther Now! (even correct arm-barring!)

Before I show you the Catapult Loading System in action with elite MLB hitters, I want you to watch one more video. It's a Case Study on one of my High School hitters who had a stubborn arm-barring issue we've been trying to fix for the past three years.

Nothing worked as a permanent fix.

Right after working the Catapult Loading System into his baseball swing, his arm-barring disappeared. See for yourself...

Interesting stuff, huh?

Now, what you've all been waiting for, here's the Catapult Loading System in action with Chris Davis and Hank Aaron...

For more on this...

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