Baseball Swing Line Trainer Teaching Down & Through?

by L Traynor

Please take the time to check out this new hitting training aid. It may look simple, but it truly encompasses the technique needed for a proper baseball swing.

Please take the time to check it out.

Swing Smarter Response:
Hey L Traynor, thank you for the submission, and I can tell this is YOUR product by your pitch. I do appreciate you bringing the Baseball Swing-Line to the Swing Smarter Community's attention.

If you would've brought this to me in the summer of 2010 I would've LOVED the concept because it teaches a true Down & Through swing.

Unfortunately, I can't endorse the Baseball Swing-Line because I don't believe the Elite Level Swing is "short to the ball, and long through it" anymore.

Even Mr. Anaheim Angels 10 years, 254-million-dollar man Albert Pujols swore he swings Down & Through on a Baseball Network Channel interview the summer of 2011, but when you look at him on video, it's a different story.

Here's part of your originally posted pitch (just FYI to the readers)...

Based on years of research and patent is pending. The Baseball Swing Line Trainer focuses on the following:

  • Palm-up, palm-down,

  • Level swing,

  • Fast hands,

  • Keeping hands in front of the barrel,

  • Eliminates a wide swing, and

  • Balance.

I think you're right on the money that the Baseball Swing-Line helps with palm up/palm down, balance, and thanks to the string, keeps a nice level swing.

The problem with all that is we don't stay on plane long enough to keep our batting average up. We may show some power yes, but definitely not as much as a torso-driven Nike Swoosh barrel path swing.

Trust me, I was teaching, like you, for almost 10 years, preaching Down & Through. But I believe hand speed is irrelevant because the hips and core generate torque and power, while the upper body and hands finish off the swing with snap, like the cracking of a whip. There are TWO different gears going here (lower slightly ahead of the upper body), not like the ONE in Down & Through (upper and lower moving together).

You see, we should be acceleratING the barrel during the Slot Position of the swing, and should already be acceleratED during the Imapact portion.

The reason why Down & Through is so ineffective is we're still acceleratING during impact - we have NO chance to make any teeny adjustments to a breaking ball or change like we can in the torso-driven swing.

Anyway, your price point is worth a gamble for those stubborn Down & Through peeps, only costs $27.99.

However, I do think with a couple modifications, you may be able to modify the design to benefit both types of swings. Just a thought.

Also, if you could, can you send me the video embed code for clip you have on the website and I can post it? The Swing Smarter Community loves to see these hitting aids in action.

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