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Baseball Instruction - Simplify

The best Swing Smarter baseball instruction for increasing bat speed is,

"See it, and hit it."

And, I'll explain why in following...

Henry David Thoreau once said, "Our life is frittered away by detail...simplify, simplify."

Hitters get so caught up in mechanical adjustments and guessing pitches, they forget to keep the most important focus in mind; in a sport with arguably one of the hardest skills to do in any other athletic activity and be consistent, hitting a round spherical ball with a cylindrical bat.

Not to mention there are nine other players trying to keep the hitter off base, and one's sole job is to keep him off balance by changing the plane of motion and velocity to keep the batter from hitting the ball squarely.

Swing Smarter baseball instruction hitting advice? Thanks to Henry David Thoreau, SIMPLIFY, "See it, and hit it."

The hitter must "think outside the box," the batter's box that is. All thinking should stop once in the box.

Preparation occurring outside the batter's box:

  • Reading scouting reports,
  • Thinking about what pitch sequence the pitcher got you out on last,
  • Any hitting keys you were working on in practice,
  • Is the pitcher tipping any of his pitches off?
  • What adjustments you need to make in the next at bat.
  • What kind of situational hitting might come up in the next at-bat?

You Assess, Organize, and once in the box, Execute. "See it, and hit it."

What does this have to do with increasing bat speed?

A clear simple mind, is a relaxed quick body. To the contrary, a cluttered mind, is a tense slow body.

What does a cluttered mind look like? Knees buckling, half swings, check swings, gorilla hacks, and strike outs looking.

We have to simplify. "Pick out a good pitch and hit it," is what most Hall of Fame Major Leaguers think when things are going well...Hank Aaron, Mike Schmidt, Ted Williams, and even the Sultan of Swat, Babe Ruth has said this at one time or another in biographies and/or autobiographies.

So, clear the mind and simplify with Swing Smarter's less is more baseball instruction approach to increasing bat speed. Swing as hard as you can while staying in complete control, while using the following mantra as your focal point...

Just "See it, and hit it."

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