Is This Popular Baseball Hitting Myth ROBBING You Of Power...

Baseball Hitting: Robinson Cano Homer

STOP one of the most common baseball hitting mechanical flaws on the planet...lunging. You'll hit for more consistent power, and guess what, no muscle (or size) is needed to execute it.

And yes, this one simple technique works for softball as well! Keep this in mind even though I often refer to the movement as a baseball hitting one.

Here's the good news...

Small players can hit like big ones!

I have a seventy-five pound ten-year-old, Eddie Bay from Clovis, CA, who consistently hits the ball to the 200-220 foot fence.

I have a ninety-five pound nine-year-old, Mikey from Fresno, CA, who went oppo-gap bomb over a 200 foot fence.

I have a ninety-five pound ten-year-old, Jack from Fresno, CA, who also went oppo-gap bomb just recently.

And, they all did it by utilizing a WEIRD technique (thank you Bob Hall for concept) called 'un-weighting the bat'...

The Baseball Hitting Myth ROBBING Your Hitters of Power

Sitting back. Also known as, 'going back, to go forward.'

It's flawed for four reasons...

  1. It starts hitters in an nonathletic baseball hitting position,
  2. 'Going back, to go forward' is the primary cause of lunging,
  3. Causes the eyes to drift and move, and
  4. The universal laws of explosive rotational power don't recognize this cue - in other words, aside from baseball and softball, you don't see this happening in Olympic rotational athletes like the Shot Put or Hammer Throw.

In a moment, I'm going to show you:

  • How-to use two everyday forces to add 13mph to a batted ball,
  • 1 ODD baseball hitting technique found in an unlikely place, and
  • Why Robinson Cano shows up TOP 10 in OPS (On-Base + Slugging%) almost every year (and how your hitters can too).

How-To Use Two Everyday Forces to Add 13mph to a Batted Ball

First, let me clarify...

The 'Un-weighting the bat' Principal is as simple as it sounds. We're trying to get the bat going with our body's own natural momentum.

We've all heard of Gravity. But most have not heard of Gravitational Reaction Forces, or GRF.

You see, Physics says Gravity pushes or pulls (depending on which source you read) down on us every hour of the day. It also says the force we apply to the ground (thank you Gravity), causes the ground to push back with the same amount of force (GRF).

Barry Ross, an internationally recognized elite sprint coach, recognizes this and makes sure his sprinters do heavy dead-lifts in the gym. His philosophy states the more weight an athlete can push away from the ground, the more force the ground pushes back...coincidentally, the faster they go on the track.

Much like a 4X100 meter relay sprinter would be foolish to stand still and wait for the baton, the baseball hitting technique of un-weighting the bat using gravity to build forward momentum to essentially fall forward on a bent front leg is critical.

You see, we do the opposite...we go forward, then snap back. I describe the baseball swing as a snapping towel. You throw the end of the towel towards its intended target, then snap it back at just the right moment to get the crack and force at impact.

What's more...

1 ODD Baseball Hitting Technique Found in an Unlikely Place

We find many Olympic explosive rotational athletes 'un-weighting' their objects too:

  • Shot Put = 16lbs,
  • Discus = 4.4lbs,
  • Javelin = 8 feet, 2 inches long, and weighs 28oz (or 1lb 12oz),
  • and
  • The Hammer for the Hammer Throw = 16lbs.

These athletes are strong physically, but they couldn't launch or throw any of the objects as far as they do without the help of un-weighting, or utilizing Gravity and GRF forces.

My point is, the PRINCIPALS of explosive rotational power are as old as these Olympic events - some date back to the Greek and Roman Empires. Baseball has only been around since the late 1800's.

Why is it so hard for baseball and softball to follow the same universal laws of explosive rotational power as these other more established events do? And why do coaches insist on getting their hitters to 'sit back' or 'go back, to go forward' when it clearly causes a hitter to lunge and have zero defense against off-speed and breaking stuff?

Read on...

Why Robinson Cano Shows up TOP 10 in OPS (On-Base + Slugging%) Almost Every Year (and how your hitters can too!)

We've seen how Olympic rotational athletes 'un-weight' and use Gravity & GRF forces to get seemingly heavy objects traveling greater and greater distances.

But what about baseball? Unique baseball hitting circumstances don't allow us to spin two times, take our eyes off the target, and throw a discus over three-quarters the length of a football field.

Hitting may be unique to baseball and softball, but explosive rotational power Principals are not. Here's how a couple small guys use Gravity and GRF forces to un-weight the bat...

Chas Pippitt at Baseball Rebellion uses a radar gun that measures how fast the ball comes off the barrel. This is called Ball Exit Speed (or BES). He's found within a few baseball hitting sessions, his young hitters incorporating forward momentum (un-weighting the bat) have increased their BES by as much as 13mph!

Today, we talked about:

  • How-to use two everyday forces to add 13mph to a batted ball,
  • 1 ODD baseball hitting technique found in an unlikely place, and
  • Why Robinson Cano shows up TOP 10 in OPS (On-Base + Slugging%) almost every year (and how your hitters can too).

Un-weighting the bat with forward momentum may look slightly different than how a Shot Putter un-weights the Put, but both are surely utilizing the same explosive rotational power Principals. By going forward first, then snapping back, we're virtually eradicating the lunging challenge.

For more on this...

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