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I want to share with you top secret information in a baseball hitting video I learned from reading an article authored by PhD. Serge Gracovetsky, nuclear physicist, electrical engineer, and is well known for his pioneering research on spine bio-mechanics, and the Spinal Engine theory.

I'm going to reveal the true driver of a powerful friction-free swing...

In this article, you'll discover:

  1. Why These Two Popular Hitting Philosophies Are Dead Wrong
  2. (NEW!) Add 63 Feet To Your Drives Doing This...
  3. [Video] Want To Hit Like Top MLB Players?

Why These Two Popular Hitting Philosophies Are Dead Wrong

If you've dipped your big toe in the pool that is YouTube, looking for a baseball hitting video on rotational or linear mechanics, you will have noticed an ABSOLUTE WAR going on...

Rotational this, and linear that. I used to believe the elite level swing was a combination of the two, but boy was I DEAD WRONG.

What people don't realize is, there's human machinery hidden deeper within the body that is quietly driving the powerful friction-free swing of elite hitters.

You see, in the article "The Coupled Motion of the Spine," PhD. Serge Gracovetsky talks about how human movement has historically been described as the upper body being described as the "passenger," the lower half being responsible for "locomotion", and the spine typically being explained away as irrelevant to human movement.

Baseball Hitting Video: Spine Engine

Scientists studied the gait (walking motion) of a human quadriplegic (no legs at all, he actually moved from the bottom of his pelvis), and here's what they found:

"Motion analysis of the spine demonstrated normal spinal movement, save for an enhanced axial rotation, due to the desire to maintain a near-normal horizontal velocity (translation: forward movement). The gait is so perfect that, by hiding the bottom of his pelvis from view, it is not possible to guess this man has no legs."

Shortly, we're going to analyze how Big Leaguers use their spine engine in a baseball hitting video I did for you, but first...

(NEW!) Add 63 Feet To Your Drives Doing This...

We've all heard about the ice skater right? She spins much faster with her arms in, than out...Science calls this Conservation of Angular Momentum.

Here's a video of some Physics students showing what this looks like...

We're going to be talking about how the spine engine, Gravity, and Gravitational Reaction Forces (or GRF) connect to construct a powerful friction-free swing...

Dr. Serge Gracovetsky describes three spine driven movements:

  1. Flexion/Extension (or lordosis),
  2. Side Bending, and
  3. Axial Rotation.

Think of number one as doing a crunch or arching your back...number two as tipping your upper body sideways at the waist...and as we'll find out, number three NEEDS at least 'side bending' to create forward motion.

In the coming baseball hitting video, you'll see how a couple players use the spine engine differently to achieve almost similar results.

If all human movement is driven by the spine engine, how does the spine know what to do and when? The answer is something astronauts know too well...

Gravity and GRF. These create the necessary leverage the spine needs for earthly locomotion.

To be specific, let's talk about walking...

The natural force of Gravity pulls our bodies toward the earth, and the moment our heel hits the ground (heel strike - or GRF), sends a timing signal to the pelvis to slightly rotate one way, while the shoulders counter-rotate the opposite way.

This is why when you're walking your right arm comes forward the same time your left leg is also forward.

Watch Bigfoot walk...

It's a combination of these three spine engine movements, Gravity & GRF, the mass of the person, and the mechanical properties of collagen (more on this in a later article), that drives movement.

It isn't a pure rotational or linear 'thing', NOT EVEN a combination of these two hitting philosophies that create a powerfully consistent friction-free swing.

In the following baseball hitting video, I'm going to talk about how most powerful friction-free hitters use #2: Side Bending, and #1: Flexion/Extension, to get to #3: Axial Rotation.

[Video] Want To Hit Like Top MLB Players?

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