Unbeatable Baseball Hitting Training Developed by Ball Players

Baseball Hitting Training Pushups

Swing Smarter baseball hitting training is a fantastic resource to call on for sound team fitness and nutritional advice to demolish YOUR baseball competition.

We're going to apply the 80/20 Principal to baseball workouts; the 20% of what works and the 80% that doesn't. Whether you're a coach or a player, you'll benefit from our experience as a NASM and Yoga certified fitness group specialist, and years and years of playing, being trained by the best, and training others.

Not to mention getting access to our invaluable resources and network of health and wellness professionals! Soon, we'll have available instructional videos, ebooks, and team workout plans that will get results for you or your team quickly.

Even better news, today...

We'll go into the most important aspects to Assessing, Organizing, and Executing a well intentioned workout and nutritional plan. You'll leave today with a perfect understanding of what it's going to take for you to accelerate away from the competition.

With the help of Core Creations (a local part of Studio 108), the Swing Smarter sibling company, we'll tackle how unique baseball hitting training really is, and rest assured, you'll be getting only the best advice from ex-baseball players who have lived and breathed it, day in and day out with blood, sweat, and tears on the front-lines.

What's more...

The Core Creations (CC) training motto is to:

  • Commit,
  • Build, and
  • Succeed.

Commit to a plan today, Build on each day, and Succeed over time. CC does this by Assessing where you are today, Organizing where you want to be in the future, and Executing, by putting into action YOUR progressive exercise map to get maximum results in minimal time.

The 6 necessary components of an ideal Swing Smarter Baseball Hitting Training Plan are:

  1. Goal Setting,
  2. Resistance Training,
  3. Cardio/Interval Training,
  4. Flexibility
  5. Nutrition/Supplementation/Hydration,
  6. Support & Education.

Goal Setting
Probably, by far, the most important aspect to any training regime, is organizing where you want to be in the future. Where do you want your body to take you in 3, 5, or 10 years? What do you want to accomplish this season? More stolen bases? More extra base hits? Perform better and more relaxed in the pressure cooker?

Resistance Training
Core Creations uses the National Academy Of Sports Medicine's (NASM), revolutionary progressive training model, Optimum Performance Training (OPT). This breaks down circuit training into six key areas: Flexibility, Core, Cardio, Balance, Speed & Agilities, and Weight Resistance Training. CC uses this elite model to formulate specialized baseball hitting training specifically for your team age group.

It's also important to know that,

Hitting is done in 2 of the 3 planes of motion:

  • Frontal (side to side), and
  • Transverse (rotation or twisting)

Unlike traditional workout plans, hitters have to build muscles in the above planes of motion, or you risk running with the pack.

Cardiovascular Training
There's a lot of controversy over whether endurance or explosive sprint training is more valuable to a baseball player. Well, I'm convinced an equal balance is the answer to well rounded baseball hitting training.

Long distance running or swimming has its place in a healthy baseball routine, mainly weight loss and flushing excess lactic acid built up from hard anaerobic workouts.

What Core Creations does is manipulate the heart rate with types of interval training where the heart rate is kept within a certain zone, then brought down temporarily, and boosted back up again. This trains the heart to recover faster, translating into performing better while in high pressure under fire situations.

If I knew then what I know now...this section is the most under-utilized and under-valued form of training in baseball. Baseball players are the stiffest I've ever seen, myself included, until I met Yoga! What a wonderful gift to give to any baseball player, it heals and conditions the mind as well as the body.

This gift Yoga gives to baseball players is referred to as Range Of Motion, or ROM. By increasing ROM, you'll see an increase in strength gains by 10%. ROM is the key to boosting leverage, and to up ROM, we need to challenge the body by balancing it doing isometric resistance and deep stretching.


Baseball hitting training has been in the Dark Ages when it comes to the right workouts to engage in benefiting its specific sport. Finally Yoga is starting to stiff-arm baseball world training critics, so this is a prime opportunity to get a jump on the competition before everyone else knows better.

Eating for high octane sports performance is an art form, and the good news is...it's NOT complicated. With the new cutting edge drinks and supplements out there, athletes are performing better and better, just look at the 2008 Summer Beijing Olympics!

Also, hydration is huge when it comes to performing at your best, because the majority of cellular functions in the body require water; that means building lean muscle and recovering from double headers.

Don't worry, Swing Smarter and Core Creations will help you with all of this...

Support & Education
Baseball hitting training wouldn't be complete without our support and education from the Swing Smarter & Core Creations team.

Support is being there to provide resources and answering meaty questions, while education is our lifelong goal, providing you with the 20% of information that matters, and eliminating the 80% of white noise stinking up the baseball training harbor.

It wasn't until College when I engaged in workouts that actually benefited me as a baseball player. So now we would love to pass this expertise on to you.

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