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One of the most under-utilized components of baseball hitting mechanics providing the ultimate in power production is a close kept secret technique, which can be dated back thousands of years by Chinese and Japanese Martial Artists. This one technique is the foundation of present day Yoga and Tai Chi movements and poses.

Tai Chi holds that energy can be move unhindered through the body if correct alignment of the spine is achieved. It is said that all movement originates from your center, namely your spine, lower abdominals, and hips.

Listen, efficient human bio mechanical movement is based on certain 80/20 principals, a precisely executed swing relies on certain points aligning, period. The right baseball hitting mechanics are where power comes from, contrary to the recent trend in baseball that it comes from big, it stems from a Smarter brain cells.

In Tai Chi, power, or energy flows through your body, the Chinese simplify with Steel & Cotton...steel being your center (spine, abs, and hips), and cotton being your limbs (legs and arms), being soft through all movement. Most may disagree, but the truth is, arms and legs are only along for the ride.

How does this apply to hitting?

Everyone has a natural flow of energy throughout their body, if you put the body in an unnatural position, like kinking a garden hose with the water turned on (without a spray nozzle), then the water doesn't come out, or comes out in a trickle.

Don't worry, we're getting to the closely guarded secret technique soon enough...

On the other hand, by NOT kinking the hose you allow the water to flow freely out to moisten and nourish the earth, unhindered. Substitute the water as your natural energy...powerful baseball hitting mechanics come from your steel:

  • The engaging of your lower abdominals to level your hips out,
  • The twisting of your spine, and
  • The Rotating of your hips, so you can transfer the flow of energy to your cotton.

In order to "un-kink the hose," it all begins in the stance phase of the swing. The technique is very simple, but semi-complicated to train your body to develop the muscle memory and body awareness necessary to repeat it over and over without thinking.

Try this, lie on your back, with feet close to your butt, and knees, using your lower abdominals try pushing your lower back into the ground...hold for 10 seconds, and relax. Repeat for 10 reps, or try to see how long you can hold it for.

Slowly move your feet away from your butt, while pushing your lower back into the ground until the backs of your legs and heels are on the ground.

When you have that, then stand up, feet shoulder width apart, activate the adductor (inside of the thighs) muscles by imagining you have a small exercise ball between your legs and you're keeping it from falling by squeezing those inner thighs together.

Keeping that tension, slowly rotate your hips underneath you with your lower abs (feels like you're doing a crunch, but keeping your chest up), and make sure you are NOT squeezing your butt cheeks together or using your quadriceps or hamstrings to're only using your lower abdominals to level off the hips.

Also, if you look down you should be able to see your shoelaces...then, do the wrong way by turning sideways in the mirror and stick your butt out, see how your hip line has a slant to it? That's how a majority of hitters hit, which is the kinked hose we talked about earlier.

Now, level off the hips by rotating them underneath you with your lower abs, see how they level off (make sure you aren't squeezing your butt cheeks)? This is the un-kinked hose.

Think about your hips like a bowl of water (energy), you tilt it,and the water comes spilling out, so train them to stay level in the stance phase and throughout the swing.

The bottom line to this baseball hitting mechanics article?

Strengthen your lower abs with the floor and standing exercises above, and once you get into your stance, then try leveling off those hips without clenching your butt cheeks. The goal here isto keep your legs relaxed in the stance and letting your abs do all the work.

Also use the mirror for immediate feedback. Remember, it feels like you're doing a standing crunch but keep your shoulders up-back-and-down, don't hunch your upper body.

I can't stress how important this technique is to creating power in your swing, it seems like a small detail, but like what this site is all about...this is part of the 20% that will give you 80% of results!

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