Powerful Baseball Hitting Equipment List Finally Revealed!

(Swing Smarter now presents the 9 BEST pieces of baseball hitting equipment ever, featured in The Starting Lineup, and would make the BEST players in When It Was A Game II giddy with excitement...)

Swing Smarter is pleased to announce the "9 Best of Baseball Hitting Aids on the Planet" with The Starting Lineup. You can view The Starting Lineup here...

In a nutshell, The Starting Lineup is about choosing the most distinguished 9 pieces of baseball hitting equipment on the planet, and putting them in the most deserving Swing Smarter baseball hitting aid lineup, like a coach would pencil in his best starters before a much anticipated deal-maker end-of-season game.

You also get EIGHT Free Power Packed Bonuses for purchasing any one of the best pieces of baseball hitting equipment on the planet...what are they? Check them out below:

  1. How to Grow a Super Athlete - this article was sent to me by one of my hitting lesson parents who received it from a Judo instructor...sheds insight into the inner workings of the brain and muscle memory for the laymen to understand,
  2. Swing Smarter Nutritional Plan - we wrote this based off a couple really good resources contributing to 85% of sound performance nutritional advice...more to come on this during the summer of 2010, so stay tuned to the SwingSmarter.com RSS feed.
  3. Scouting: What YOU Need to Know & How to Market YOUR Kid When Coaches Don’t - this was a forwarded email received from a good friend of mine who manages a Competitive Travel/Marketing/Tutoring/Player Development baseball training program called Team Avenue, Thomari played 8 years in the Dodgers organization...he received this email from a parent who used these simple strategies to much success with self-marketing her son.
  4. 2 FREE Workouts from Jedd Johnson's Ultimate Forearm Training for Baseball Players eBook - This is the Baseball Mastermind Training Group's own Jedd Johnson, grip strength training extraordinaire. He's a competitive strong man and grip strength competitor, played Div II baseball as a pitcher in college, and is co-owner of DieselCrew.com. Jedd's information will get your swing results.
  5. Heads Up Baseball Control, Plan, Trust Mental Side of Hitting Worksheet - this worksheet allows anyone to de-construct who they are as a hitter, develop a powerful Zen Hitting Routine, learn the use of "Releases" to stay under control, and how to evaluate quality at-bats. The bottom line? This worksheet will help ANYONE get more consistent at the plate!
  6. Preventing Injury, Post Injury Treatment, & Becoming a Last Action Hero - I originally published this information in a past The Dugout eZine 2-Part Issue, then packaged the info for my Naked Running 101 clients (pain free running, and no I don't teach running naked), so the content rings loud and clear to young athletes as well. It's a wealth of 411 that's super vital to extremely competitive athletes.
  7. The Dugout: Hitting Baseballs from the Neck Up! First 12 Issues Mental Hitting Power Report - at SwingSmarter.com we publish a popular online monthly magazine called The Dugout, where we share simple cerebral strategies to help any hitter at any age. This info. not only has helped players but parents and coaches as well. This is a culmination of the first year's worth of issues into one power packed report.
  8. The Power of Doing MORE with LESS - this mini-report is inspired by one of my favorite bloggers and author Leo Babauta (ZenHabits.net & his book The Power of Less). As any of you know our mantra at SwingSmarter.com is discriminating all the crap information and tools out there on hitting, and to eliminate the waste and keep the necessary. This mini-report really isn't about hitting, but clearing the mind, which has everything to do with hitting. Ted Williams said, "Hitting is 90% from the neck up."

Like a real lineup, each of the BEST 9 pieces of baseball hitting equipment are subject to competition, so if another player (like-kind product) proves better, then they can take the starter's spot. If they don't perform day in and day out, then they don't play.

All of the Starting 9 are a part of the distinguished 20% of baseball hitting equipment contributing to over 80% of batting results. There are a ton of junk products out there, and we've done the dirty work of scouring the lands for the BEST...part of this hard work was to really look at (with a fine tooth comb) popular professional player endorsed aids, and we came to the conclusion: most do NOTHING for a player's swing, AND are a complete waste of time and money.

How does Derek Jeter (we love him as a player to death BTW) endorse 4-6 different hitting aids he wouldn't use himself? The only answer we can think of...? The price was right...and we'd love to challenge those of you who could prove he does use them in his everyday training.


Often times, we get fooled into buying items because a "star" endorses them, but look no further, TheBestStarting9.com and FOWL Ball offer NO more disappointments, and nothing but results. All the products in this "Best Of" baseball hitting equipment team are being used by the BEST and if not, then they should be.

AND, here's another challenge...I'd like to challenge those who think otherwise!


Not only do The Best Starting 9 pieces of baseball hitting equipment have to perform on the field, but OFF as well. So, the manufacturer has to have stellar customer service in: response time, refunds, exchanges, etc. or else their spot is free to be taken away by the next competitive player. And we have quite a few "other" players sitting the bench, a heart beat away from the Starting 9...

Think of The Starting Lineup as an ever evolving survival of the fittest competition for baseball hitting gadgets, which is very interactive for the fans, players, and coaches...we want to hear from YOU...

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