Swing Smarter Baseball Hitting Drills Hot Links Revealed

These baseball hitting drills HOT links are just as spicy as their Louisiana counterparts!

Swing Smarter Baseball Hitting Drills.com are about keeping the 80/20 concept as it pertains to the baseball online community of websites. The sites contained in this fantastic resource section are considered family, and get into the 20% of must see quality.

If you have another site in mind that would be a great addition to our time & money saving baseball lifestyle design community, then please email us...we want to hear your thoughts. We're currently building our list, so please be patient...all good things come to those who wait;-)

Put some ketchup on 'em and enjoy!

2 Create A Baseball Player dot com - Keepers of The Sandlot "A Must Read" for parents and coaches written by: Bill Severns a formal professional baseball player take you deep inside the game of baseball.

The Pitching Academy.com - These guys are awesome and are a part of our Mastermind Group of extreme online baseball instructional enthusiasts...they have a couple really good DVD's coming out soon. This site is a rare find on pitching tips, mechanics, and the like, but also goes into great detail on hitting info and the mental part of the game. The co-authors are teachers and chalk up being able to dissect mechanics into easy to digest chunks because of their chosen profession. This site is very popular on Alexa.com and Google page-rank. Don't miss it!

Hitting Tips - We offer a world class baseball and softball hitting tips, instruction DVD, video and books for baseball and softball players of all ages. [Swing Smarter says: cool site concept, selling instructional popular media that has to "make the cut."]

Science of Baseball - Exploring the Science of Baseball...nicely done cartoon-ish vintage site explaining the physics of baseball brought to you by the Exploratorium. Check out site popularity on both Alexa.com and Google page rank.

Helpful Baseball Drills: Tee Ball - This website offers great information and baseball drills for little league coaches, and a special section for those coaching tee ball. If you are just starting out coaching a team, or looking for some new and helpful baseball drills, this is the website to visit.

The Baseball Vault - Baseball is more than just numbers. It is myths, legends, stories and history. This is America's national pastime.

The Four Hour Work Week Blog Site - This site, blog, and book have become an absolute staple in my life since I listened to the audio book version the Fall of 2007. It has changed my life in so many ways, and no matter how much I build it up, it will over-deliver, so please check it out for yourself. It has nothing to do with baseball, but is a must have!

ZenHabits.net - this site blog was recommended to me through the 4HWW blog above...the author, Leo Babauta, has broken down forming healthy habits into small easy to digest chunks, he's done the following: quit smoking, ran a marathon, eat healthier, wrote a couple books, wakes up at 4am every morning, has created two highly successful online blogs, and on top of all that, has done so in spite of fathering 5 children! He's very inspirational, so check it out, it could change your life.

StudyHacks.com - The Study Hacks blog teaches students how to do (very) well without burning out. It preaches the idea that you should: do less; do better; and know why. The site is run by Cal Newport, a MIT graduate student postdoc and author of the popular advice guides How to Become a Straight-A Student and How to Win at College. Getting it done in the classroom means being able to play college ball, while also improving the likelihood of landing a big professional bonus check.

DMOZ.org Baseball Directory - This site is a very reputable directory of miscellaneous baseball sites. Lots of cool spins on baseball, it's hard to focus in on one!

Baseball Brainiac - Major League Baseball History, Facts and Information - Baseball-Brainiac.com is an excellent source for baseball information including; how Major League Baseball came to be, who invented baseball, the origins of baseball, early versions of the game, facts you might not know about the World Series, baseball history, tips, records and more. Baseball-Brainiac.com is dedicated to providing baseball history and information.

CheckSwing.com - CheckSwing is the Premier Baseball Social Network for Baseball Players and Coaches - Share your baseball resume on The Baseball Network. I was just invited to join this site...it doesn't look it, but it ranks high on Alexa.com in popularity, 241,921 to be exact, and there are cool discussions on an array of topics related to baseball.

Baseball Farming - Introduction to the concept of baseball farming which includes ideas on strategies, training, and winning! Provides helpful insights on how to play baseball with down home anecdotes and explanations with training tips, history uniforms, ball parks data and how to playing skills.

Great American Baseballs - One of a kind, original, hand painted baseballs of your favorite famous baseball players. (Swing Smarter Response: this is a great site I happened upon where you mesh baseball and art from a guy who played as high as a couple years in the Phillies organization. He hand paints all the baseballs himself, very impressive).

SimplyLacrosse.com - for those rare times when you need a 10 minute break from baseball. 100% dedicated to the growth development and enjoyment of the sport of lacrosse for parents, players, coaches, and fans. (From Swing Smarter: Jamey is very passionate about SimplyLAX.com (his site), and I'm all for cross-training especially when it compliments the baseball swing ;)

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