2 Unbeatable Baseball Hitting Device Gold Nuggets

If you're looking for a baseball hitting device other than the versatility of a tee, and want to add awesome drill stations to your team's practices, then don't miss the following reviews...

Let me explain it this way, I would never spend crazy money on a hitting contraption besides a tee, but speaking hypothetically, if I were to, then these two hitting aids would be it.

SoloHitter Traveler Baseball Hitting Device

SoloHitter SLT3000 Deluxe Traveler
The first baseball hitting device we'll address is the SoloHitter SLT3000 Deluxe Traveler, it'll run you between $189-239 depending on where you shop. Here are the grades I gave this smooth swing aid:

  • Durable - A
  • Weight - B
  • Economical - A
  • User Friendly - A
  • Convenient/Compact (for storage) - A
  • Easy Assembly - A
  • Partner Needed? - A
  • Does this device teach you something? - C

Now, I picked the "SoloHitter SLT3000 Deluxe Traveler" for it's compact and easily assembled nature, proof is in the pudding. There are more bulky SoloHitter models (ie SL1000), but this one gives you more versatility.

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Moving on...

The marketing says it's weatherproof, which isn't always true unless you're using a dimple ball instead of a real cowhide one, but it's so compact, you can use it indoors anyway. Just convince Mom/Dad/Wifey to clear out the living room!

It's definitely durable, very good investment for what you get, user friendly, convenient and compact for storage, and not to mention easily assembled...in 2 minutes actually with only 3 tools required.

Most importantly, no partner needed. Sure, it's a little heavy, what do you expect with a fold out net and ball all-in-one, and it also comes with a nylon carrying case and strap. And, And, And!

The only blemish is this device doesn't teach you anything, but a hitting tee has the same issue. But all-in-all, this baseball hitting device is a Swing Smarter buy.

Moving on...

The Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine
The next in line for the Swing Smarter investment award is this crafty soft toss master. If you were to tell me you can simulate a good ol' fashion drill like soft toss without using a partner, I'm in!

Both the SoloHitter and Wheeler Dealer Spitter make great additions to any drill station library. At practice you want to warm up to LIVE pitching for hitters, so ideally, a WIN/WIN progressive hitting workout would look something like this:

  1. Tee,
  2. Solohitter Traveler,
  3. Wheeler Dealer,
  4. LIVE arm batting practice.

Let's go over the marks for this fantastic baseball hitting device:

  • Durable - A
  • Weight - A
  • Economical - B
  • User Friendly - A
  • Convenient/Compact (for storage) - A
  • Easy Assembly - A
  • Partner Needed? (Y/N) - N
  • Does this device teach you something? (Y/N)- Y

The Wheeler Dealer Spitter is made from steel and high impact AVS plastic, so it's definitely durable...it weighs only 19 pounds...portable, movable on wheels, so you don't have to lug it around, and is easily assembled.

The only downside is the cost, which is quite an investment at $399.99, but considering the value you're getting it's really a drop in the bucket. It just means you may have to cut back on Starbucks for a couple months;-)

The even better news is...

This premium baseball hitting device does NOT need a partner, in addition to having the ability to alter the height and frequency of the ball toss. With that, a hitter can work on hitting the low ball, high ball, and perFECT swing tempo (3/4 of a second to 6 second interval tosses).

It can hold up to 27 baseballs and 17 softballs, while also tossing whiffle, dimple, and tennis balls. For the amount of money we dump into frequenting the batting cages, this is a great alternative, paying itself off in one season.

Take a look at this brief YouTube video:

Interesting in the Wheeler Dealer Spittter? It's part of The BEST Starting 9 and can be seen in our infamous Starting Lineup (down below).

These two baseball hitting device gems are the goose laying the golden eggs ultimately, contributing to the 20% of swing training tools supplying more than 80% of results. If you're going to invest in anything other than a good ol' fashion hitting tee, then these products are the way to go.


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