Baseball Hitting Aids Golden Key to Swing Efficiency

The best baseball hitting aids on the market oiling your swing to run as efficient as a Swiss watch are:

  • Hand Held DV Video Cameras,
  • Wood Bats, and
  • Hitting Tees.
In a moment, we'll analyze how and why to use these powerful tools to Swing Smarter NOT Harder, but right now, I want to briefly go over the four big time roadblocks in learning how to develop an efficient, and most importantly effective, baseball swing using the above hitting aids...

  1. Too much information causing mental paralysis,
  2. Beginning with the WRONG swing focus,
  3. Sifting through the muck of finding a trusted info source, and
  4. Hard to find FREE step-by-step hitting instructions.

1. We must be on a low information diet, too much info paralyzes us into inaction, or worse, action without a plan. I fell into the trap of too much 411 early in my career hurting me for almost four baseball seasons. Develop a less is more mentality to hitting and you're guaranteed to win.

2. Learn to make small circles, break the swing down into small digestible parts, making limited gradual monthly goals, then building on that success...this is definitely what the best baseball hitting aids do, which we'll address shortly.

3. Getting the right information from a trusted source you can count on. Always take information you read or hear with a grain of salt, even us. Swing Smarter has done the research amongst names like: Ted Williams, Dusty Baker, Charlie Lau, Jim Lefebvre, Mike Schmidt, Hitting for Excellence, numerous "Major League" DVD hitting programs, and not to mention being blessed with having played for such a rich crop of coaches.

So, do your homework on sources first, and

4. Above all, there needs to be a step-by-step process to the baseball swing, and it needs to be cost effective or FREE!! Studies show our minds can only concentrate on 2 major tasks a day, hitting is no different, and breaking it apart helps with the brain-body digestive process.

Now, with that said, what makes the above gadgets TOPS in the Swing Smarter NOT Harder book?

Hand Held DV Video Camcorder
One of the best baseball hitting aids for developing muscle memory and provide second to none feedback are these handy dandy pieces of equipment. Digital Video camcorders are more convenient, easier to operate, and can run as low as $150 to whatever you're willing to pay...but what every baseball hitting connoisseur knows, they're worth every cent.

Professional hitters spend countless hours looking at themselves on film and studying other pitchers, and I always say, take what the best are doing and repeat. Some discretion advised of course.;-)

It's better to invest your money on one of these than waste it on 80% of the hitting aids out there! CLICK HERE for an article outlining two great reviewed, easy-to-use, priced right, and YOU-Tube ready digital video cameras on the sophisticated tech market today.

Mizuno Wood Bat

Wood Bats
Thanks to Barry Bonds breaking the single season and career home run records using a maple bat (particularly Sam Bats), bats have sky-rocketed in price. One Sam Bat used to be $35, and now they're well over $100/bat.

The bat you get doesn't have to be maple, it can be white ash, bamboo, or favorite wood bats are made by Mizuno...they pass the "looks" test (beautiful wood stains), and perform like no other. If you want a solid training tool, then look for a Maple/Composite Mizuno wood bat that's suits your palate.

Training with wood is so important because the sweet spot only covers about 2 inches on the aluminum bat has around a 5-6 inch span, so if you can consistently train yourself to hit the ball on a 2 inch sweet spot, you'll be all the more better when hitting with aluminum. Not to mention, if you want to make the professional leagues, using wood is mandatory.

Also, there's nothing like the sound of a baseball coming off a wood to every ball player's ears;-)

Now, let's look at...

Baseball Hitting Tee
This is by far the most underrated of all the baseball hitting aids out there, has been around for decades, and makes our list as most important.

Here's a list of benefits:

  • Relatively light in weight,
  • Quality ones are very durable,
  • Extremely economical for the tool you're getting (from $25 to $100+),
  • Very user friendly (easy assembly with 3 pieces),
  • Can be a very good instructor without even knowing anything about hitting,
  • No partner needed to use it, and
  • Convenient and compact for storage.

Because kids use it so much in Tee Ball leagues, the little ones think it's for "babies," however I used the tee more in college than from my high school to little league playing years combined!


Some of the baseball hitting aids innovators/inventors I consult with say the same thing, it's difficult to add value to a tee because it's been around for so long, it's simple, and players can simulate all the important drills...some similar spawned products have the right idea but cannot match the versatility of a good old fashion tee.

ATEC is my favorite tee, we used them in college, they're the most durable around, and most other tees have a hollow stem which breaks and cracks over minimal use, but this one, as Chevy used to say, is "Like a Rock."

Please check out our other baseball hitting aids review articles on the Top Hitting Aids tab located on the navigation bar above, we pride ourselves on cutting out all the white noise, so you don't have to!


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