Masterful Baseball Hitting Aid WILL take YOUR Swing to the Next Level

One of the best baseball hitting aid investments you can make for yourself (if you're still playing) OR for a young hitter is for a video camera, which has to be super easy to use, compact, and should be simple to share game footage via social media platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

The fantastic news is...

Name brand electronics companies are making SUPER compact and functional devices creating quality High Definition footage at (phe)nominal prices, and there's one in particular topping our list of an invaluable baseball hitting aid tool to endless pats on the back and loving praise from supportive family, friends, coaches, teammates, and might I add recruiters??? ;)

Please read on,

We've eliminated the white noise and picked the most elegant Swing Smarter compact baseball hitting aid video camera that'll take the guess work out of capturing video, uploading to the computer, and sharing via YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc. You can also watch the footage on your television using HDMI cables, or dissect the video in our Sports Motion Video Analysis Software of choice featured at

Our goal was to find a dummy-proof camcorder making the shoot & share experience process seamless, while NOT going overboard on price (this one is priced at $199), and keeping in mind, you get what you pay for.

What does Swing Smarter get out of recommending the following superb baseball hitting aid product?

Besides the fact we love our Flip Ultra HD video camera so much, we'd love for you to experience the same wicked value??

Sure, we get a small commission if you choose to purchase today through the included link in this article...but most importantly we're currently building value in a ground floor,never-before-seen on the net, interactive online baseball hitting lesson video school for coaches and players alike to learn how we analyze a swing AND how you can too.

We make it super simple because that's how we roll :P

Our vision is to give coaches/players the Swing Smarter tools to dissect their players' OR your own swing(s), so we can all raise better more educated ballplayers. NO more going into swing analysis like we have a blind fold on.

With the Flip Ultra HD video camera acting as an invaluable baseball hitting aid tool, the process is simple (trust me when I say simple, I'm a simpleton when it comes to electronics, I need to be talked to like a 2 year old)...with the Flip in hand, you would push the BIG red dot which means "Record," shoot you or your player's swing, push the BIG red dot again when you're done, then take the camera home to your computer...

Once you get home, plug it into your computer using the easy flip out USB stick, the software will come right up and will download the video you just shot automatically to the computer...trim the video if needed, click "Movie" and the software takes you step by step to finish the process. Then take the video file and send to as an attachment (please NO computer viruses :P), and you're done!

We handle the rest. This beta version of the service is FREE now, but will most definitely come with a price tag in the near future, so hurry your video footage in before the opportunity closes.

It's super simple, look, here's a beta video I shot with my Flip UltraHD of one of my local High School hitters in my Sports Motion Video Analysis Software...this is what the online hitting lesson would look like if you were to send a Flip video file over to us:

What value do I bring to analyzing your swing(s)?

My 23+ years of baseball hitting expertise built from playing under one of the winning-est high school coaches Mike Noakes, NCAA Div 1 Collegiate Baseball Hall of Fame coach Bob Bennett at Fresno State, in addition to the current Fresno State coach Mike Batesole who coached the 2008 Fresno State Bulldogs baseball team to victory in the College World Series, and not to mention countless hours spent reading and watching DVD's, books, and online popular media, and having access to good friends of mine who have played and are currently playing pro ball and in the BIG Leagues.

I'm currently doing a ton of private hitting lessons, and I think investing in the Flip Ultra HD video camera as an invaluable baseball hitting aid gadget is huge for any coach or player, so don't waste anymore time on the wrong swings. I wished the Flip was around over 10 years ago when I was in High School, man! What I coulda woulda shoulda done!

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