Are the Hitting Discs by Towny Townsend Just Hype?

by chrisvegas

Do you have an opinion on the Towny Townsend hitting discs? (

The discs have plenty of major league endorsements but the players endorsing the product all grew up in Virginia where Mr. Townsend was a coach of theirs. It seems reasonably priced too. Thanks, chrisvegas

Swing Smarter Response:
Hi ChrisVegas, great question and this is one of those hitting aids leaving me scratching my head. Somebody had the idea to mesh Ultimate Frisbee with hitting! :P

I get the idea of the discs, I do...they're suppose to be unpredictable, and really help with hand eye coordination and maybe hitting the breaking ball. They are reasonably priced and are worth a shot at $30.

Now, would I buy them?

Probably not. From what I'm seeing, I can get the same affect hitting whiffle balls with the holes located on one side, PLUS I'd be hitting an actual ball.

Great point on the multiple Major League endorsements coincidentally living in the same area, being coached by the Mr. Townsend himself. I like your thinking and that should raise a bright red flag. Now, the million dollar question is, do we see these "star" endorsers using the Towny Townsend Hitting Discs?

I'd be willing to bet with 99% accuracy, they don't. It's like Derek Jeter and his endorsed products, I'd challenge anyone to see if he's using any one of those for more time than it took to shoot the endorsement video and marketing pictures.

I also don't think all the benefits included on are accurate: targeting & tracking tool, developing proper swing mechanics, outstanding hand/eye coordination, curbs fear of getting hit by ball, and bat speed.

Let's be real here, it's not going to make your mechanics better or increase your bat speed. Curbing fear of getting hit is a general benefit that anything like throwing tennis, whiffle, or racquet balls at a young fearful hitter would also do.

The only pure benefits are targeting and tracking and increasing hand/eye coordination. Thanks for the submission ChrisVegas...think of us as your Swing Smarter Hitting Aids watch dog :P Good luck!

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Jul 28, 2015
The pros still use them...
by: JoeinVa

I've witnessed Ryan Zimmerman, David Wright and Mark Reynolds using them. Yes, the guys that played for Towny endorsed them to help him out but they still use them during offseason workouts today.

Nov 01, 2010
faithful to coach t and his teachings
by: Blasters09

I played for coach T (Townsend) from the time of age 5 until he past away with cancer. I won the last game on the mound for coach before he past away. So in my perspective he was a father figure to me with a sensational baseball mind... I learned soooo much from him in the years of playing under him and If you ever played for him you would realize exactly how hard these discs were to hit and hit properly at that... BJ Upton and David wright would come in and hit with me and coach all the time and they still had trouble hitting them. LOOK WHERE THEY ARE TODAY! So do these discs really work? Absolutely! My batting average went from .322 to .576 this year in school ball after using these in mid season and i can promise that they will always help if you use them properly and consistently.

Oct 15, 2010
Hitting Disks
by: Ben Sisk

This is a great tool to use. Iv been using them for years and i am now playing at the college level. These disks do a great job of training a hitter to stay back and really stay concentrated on the disk/pitch that is being thrown. It is a great deal and if you have the opportunity to buy them, my advice would be to go ahead and get them.

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