Any ideas on fixing bat drag, AKA casting or arm barring?

by Dan

Do you have any drill or tips for fixing bat drag? My 10 year old son seems to be doing this. When I video taped him, I noticed his rear elbow is ahead of his hands. I don't know what to do to fix it. Any ideas?

Swing Smarter Response:
Hello Dan, thanks so much for your question, and for resubmitting into the online interactive trainer for review.

I actually have 3 Swing Smarter articles for you that will shed some light on your son's hitting issue, so today is your lucky day ;)

Check out the following articles:

  1. Hitting Down on the Ball and the Secret to YOUR Success

  2. Batting Mechanics Going Against All Conventional Wisdom, and

  3. Hitting Baseball Drill Secret to 7 Hearty Bat Speed Benefits

Bat drag, also known as casting, wading through water, arm barring, etc. is most common during the beginning of the season. Doing this slows down our bat speed and it makes the hitter feel like he's hitting with a wet newspaper.

So, we have to Swing Smarter by being short to the ball, and the above links to SwingSmarter articles will help you and your son to achieve just that. Happy hitting to you and your son this year Dan!

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