Am NOT able to drive the ball in batting practice like I used to

by Luke

hey, have been playing baseball for a long time. am not able to drive the ball in batting practice like i used to be able to. used to be able to take outside pitches and hit them out to left. i feel a huge pushing sensation with my right hand and my swing is not able to finish. not a good feeling when you are not able to drive the ball with authority. tried a lot of different stuff. everything feels cut off. any suggestions?

Swing Smarter Response:
I take it you're a righty because you talk of a "pushing sensation" with your right hand...the left hand is thought of as the "pulling" hand in a right handed swing.

The main point I'm getting from you is, you feel your swing is "cut off" and "not able to finish the swing."

Without seeing your swing on video or in picture, I'm thinking you're swinging the bat too much with your upper body, mainly your arms.

Remember, the shoulders and arms are the second gear in the swing and they don't do anything until the hips have already started opening up.

Also keep in mind the back hand is more of a "guide" and not a "pushing" hand.

The best thing to do is check out the NEW and Improved Swing Smarter Best 5 Drills article to turn your swing around.

Please let me know how it goes Luke.

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