Announcing the Albert Pujols Inspired Increase Your Bat Speed in 30 Days Challenge

Albert Pujols

Welcome to the Albert Pujols inspired Increase Your Bat Speed in 30 Days Challenge! For the next few months Swing Smarter will be posting spicy tips to increase bat speed without the use of fancy highly endorsed hitting gadgets.

As you know, Swing Smarter doesn't think too highly of most hitting aids as bat speed boosters, like most manufacturers' haughty marketing suggests.

Although, Swing Smarter & mascot FOWL Ball have squeezed out blood, sweat, and tears trying to find the "9 Best Baseball Hitting Aids on the Planet," so if you are looking for the select few swing gadgets helping to earn you results, then visit The Starting Lineup today! Most are NOT highly publicized, and you will be surprised at what we've hand picked ;)

The bottom line?

The 4 BIG wins when it comes to increasing a hitter's bat speed, all evident with Albert Pujols, are:

  1. Swing Smarter Technique,
  2. SS CORE Training,
  3. Increase Range Of Motion (ROM) through Yoga Stretching, and
  4. Athlete's Nutrition & Hydration

The preceding points are the 20% of powerful information supplying a hitter with over 80% of remarkable results to increasing their swing speed. There are NO secrets and NO get-hits-quick-schemes, just hard work.

Let me explain,

Getting mechanics down makes the body efficient to the ball, the right transverse CORE training boosts overall strength and fast twitch fibers in the muscles incorporated with the swing, increasing ROM aids in maximizing leverage of the body complimenting the increase in CORE musculature, and nutrition helps by repairing muscle tissue after workouts and energizing the body with the right nutrients, at the right moment.

The best part is, NO gym membership is needed!

How to Increase Your Bat Speed in 30 Days: Albert Pujols Inspired
Here's how it works: the next few months starting in September, I'll be periodically posting tips on how to increase your bat speed.

Now, you won't be able to master each tip in a day, as a matter of fact, for most it will be an impossibility because some concepts or movements will take time for your neuromuscular system to change and adapt, while other tips, like nutrition, one may be able to make a 1 day-change.

The most important step, is the first make it! :)

Set a goal: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc. for certain tips and knock them out one-by-one.

Also, Use This Link to share with the Swing Smarter community any tips you don't see included in the following list, and often wondered if they increase bat speed or not down below.

Only join the Albert Pujols inspired Increase Your Bat Speed in 30 Days Challenge if you're serious. We don't want someone who's going to half-ass it.

That being said,

Even though the challenge says 30 days, it's a real possibility it'll take you longer, and that's okay. Remember to get it right the first time, set your foundation (swing technique), build strength in the right places, increase ROM, and maximize nutrition & hydration.

And remember the whole cliche, Rome wasn't built in a day :)

By all means, if you've been working on Swing Smarter mechanics before this and are a little more advanced, then move onto the fitness and nutrition portions of the challenge.


You can work on the fitness and nutrition along with your mechanics, although I wouldn't recommend it because you may feel overwhelmed. Your brain can only focus on one major goal at a time, maybe two.

Try and carve out 1 hour every day for the Challenge, and make the best of it by practicing perfect, NOT just practicing.

If you're at a sticking point with your swing, and need a little help, then submit your question to the Swing Smarter Interactive Online Swing Trainer section of the site.

Full List of the Albert Pujols inspired Increase Your Bat Speed in 30 Days Challenge Tips...

Tip #1: 6 Steps to learning the baseball swing quickly
Tip #2: Start with the foundation of power: your feet
Tip #3: Tapping Teddy Ballgame for hip rotation wisdom
Tip #4: Cocking the hips like a loaded spring before explosion
Tip #5: Deep breathing is the key to optimizing energy release
Tip #6: Understanding the hybrid concept of a rotational & linear swing
Tip #7: Powerful Baseball Drill & Jack Clark's Gold Nugget
Tip #8: Training with Top/Bottom Hand Drills
Tip #9: Switch hitting to sound swing tempo success (say that 5-times-fast)
Tip #10: Learning the Down part of Down & Through
Tip #11: Putting it all together with the Through method of hitting
Tip #12: The Albert Pujols Less is More strategy to hitting laser beams
Tip #13: Common Baseball Hitting Tools NOT Making The Bat Speed Cut AND the one that did!
Tip #14: Best Baseball Instruction in 5 Simple Words
Tip #15: Batting Mechanics Going Against ALL Conventional Hitting Wisdom
Tip #16: How to Hit a Baseball with the Grip of a Gorilla
Tip #17: Discover Ted Williams Revealing One of the Single Most Important Concepts for Getting a Good Pitch to Hit
Tip #18: Hitting the Baseball & What Good Nutrition Means to Bat Speed
Tip #19: Explore Baseball Hitting Hydration, Supplementation, & Max Bat Speed

(Swing Smarter note: the rest of the Albert Pujols increase your bat speed tips will be performance training in nature...please keep in mind I charge $60+/session for the information below, so you're definitely getting the long end of the stick here :)

Tip #20: Forearm Training For Hitters: Building Powerful Grip Strength in 4 Weeks! Part 1
Tip #21: Explosive Forearm Exercises For Hitters: Part 2
Tip #22: Exclusive Forearm Training Interview With Grip Specialist Jedd Johnson
Tip #23: The Squat Exercise Recipe to Gaining 30lbs of Muscle in 6 Weeks!
Tip #24: Explosive Baseball Strength Training For Hitters: Part 1
Tip #25: Powerful Baseball Weight Training For Hitters: Part 2
Tip #26: 5 Reasons Interval Training Can Boost a HIIT-er's Swing Speed
Tip #27: Discover The CORE Exercise Program To Baseball Swing Balance and Stabilization
Tip #28: CORE Exercises Guaranteed to Boost Bat Speed in 1 Month: Phase One!
Tip #29: CORE Workout Guaranteed to Increase Bat Speed in 30 Days: Phase Two!
Tip #30: CORE Workouts Guaranteed to Boost Bat Speed in 4 Weeks: Phase Three!

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