A Self Propelled Pitcher's Dream: The J-Biz Pitching Screen with Radar

by Philip
(L A. Cal. USA.)

What do you thing of the j-biz pitching screen with radar? It cost $399.00, claims to call balls,strike,speed of pitch and outs,you can buy replacement parts,but how durable is the screen,do you have to replace a part often,is it worth the coast,thanks,Phil

Swing Smarter Response:

Interesting find Phil! This is a driven player and parent's dream. Even though I only like to review hitting products on this site, I do like this pitching one.

Now, I think it probably would be accurate as to calling balls and strikes because there are probably different sensors on each area of the strike zone keeping track.

And keeping pitch count, outs, innings, etc. wouldn't be difficult to do technology-wise...heck, look at what XBox360 Connect can do!

As for radar gun accuracy, I can't be too sure on that. The marketing says it can be adjusted to 45 feet or 60'6" to measure velocity from the release point.

My experience is you get what you pay for with a radar gun, and typically the guns over $600 are worth their weight in gold when it comes to accuracy. I can't imagine the radar gun on the J-Biz Pitching Screen being highly accurate.

The Final Verdict?

I think the J-Biz Pitching Screen with Radar would be a good buy at $400 if and only if, dad, mom, or a teammate can't be there to catch pens.

My dad was the one who played catch with me growing up, but had to start wearing catchers gear when I started throwing harder than 70mph. He feared for his shin's lives!!

I would have loved this because when my parents were at work and I was out of school, I absolutely beat up my old school "pitch-back." All day and night I threw at that thing. I definitely would have gotten my money's worth out of the J-Biz Pitching Screen with Radar :D

I'm hoping one of our readers may have come across this. Anyone?

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Jun 06, 2012
Mechanics over velocity
by: Scott

I worry about the radar aspect for young kids they would be enticed about speed and not focused on mechanics I would be afraid they would injure themselves there are tic tac toe nets that catch balls in different locations that serve a better purpose

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