4 Critical STEPS to Fixing Bat Drag & Weight Transfer Issues

by Mike Byrns

The Double Knee Inside Load

The Double Knee Inside Load

For some reason, my bat is dragging through the zone. Also, i find myself not on my front foot, but with my weight coming forward to much, to early...is this something I can work on with a drill or is it a mindset? Thank you

Swing Smarter Response:

Hey Mike, thank you for your question. Here's what I would give high priority to, starting with STEP 1...

STEP 1: Let the Ball get Deep
If we're too early, then we're not letting the ball get deep enough in our swing. We have to be patient and disciplined to let the ball travel.

STEP 2: The Double Knee Inside Load
We need to anchor the back foot, and to do that, we need to keep the back knee on the inside of the back big toe as we stay loaded with our hips.

A great drill to practice this would be to find a wide wooden wedge (or make one) that's as long as your foot. You want to set the wedge perpendicular to the back foot, so the slight slant is going down towards the pitcher. To the hitter, it will feel like his back foot is slightly slanted down hill.

As the hitter strides forward, he/she must keep the back knee on the inside of the back big toe.

For more details on this, please read this Baseball Hitting Rebellion article by Chas Pippitt.

STEP 3: The "Fall"
Similar to a pitcher, a hitter must "fall" towards the pitcher, or create an aggressive move with the front hip towards the mound.

Obviously, a pitcher's fall compared to a hitter's isn't going to be the same because the pitcher is coming down a hill where the hitter is not.

The head will move forward until front toe touch, which the front knee, like the back one, should stay behind the front big toe, hence Double Knee Inside Load.

This is why the double knee inside load is so effective at creating front hip momentum.

A good habit to get into...

In the batter's box, it also helps to carve a little wedge-like divot with the back foot. Ted Williams talked about this in The Science of Hitting.

STEP 4: Bat Lag v. Bat Drag
Because we're out front, our upper body is having to dominate the swing. This is also because we aren't using our core and hips properly as discussed above.

We aren't getting any separation between the hip and shoulder angles. The hands DO NOT work when we hit, and modern faulty hitting theory argues otherwise. I don't want to reinvent the wheel here, my buddy Chas Pippitt wrote a great article on just that at Baseball Hitting Rebellion dot com. Check it out and let me know what you think :)

Thanks for your question Mike!

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by: Joey from SwingSmarter.com

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by: Anonymous

any drills to help perfect a short line drive swing versus having a long dragging swing? thanks!

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